Sampa The Great- Blue Boss

1/13/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Big promises with that stage name, Ms. Sampa. That is some Kanye-level narcissism being implied there but I'm kind into it. Judging Sampa on just "Blue Boss" and this DGAF-looking promo photo, I wanna be her best friend, like, yesterday. I need her coat, her dynamic rapping abilities and her air of youthful attitude STAT. & in that order. That coat is fly AF and I'm actually pretty set in the sass department without Ms. Tempo lending me some of her spare 'tude tbh. Maybe that's why I feel such a kinship towards this Australian rapper and the #bo$$bitch quality of latest single. Production-wise, It's like Mura Masa meets Angel Haze but the thing I'm most in love with here is the timelessness of the track. It's so quintessentially twenty-sixteen and yet also so soulful and jazzy. I mean, I obviously don't see a girl scatting these slick verses at a speak-easy in the 1932, but it would definitely soundtrack a Sofia Coppola film about The Cotton Club during it's heyday, yah know?