SNBRN- Gangsta Walk (ft. Nate Dogg)

1/31/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This song is literally the definition of a guilty pleasure jam. I was physically rocking out to this at my desk the other day so hard that my boss asked me what I was listening to. In true "guilty pleasure jam" form, I panicked, lied, and I randomly blurted out it was The Strokes. The dude is literally a walking J. Crew advertisement on the reg so admitting that I was so into a track called "Gangsta Walk" would make him think twice about our company's hiring policies.

SNBRN's latest can best be described as "Teach Me How to Dougie" on a heavy dose of cocaine-laced molly... a weird observation, but it's meant as a compliment nonetheless. The house piano in this has the previously-hibernating relics of my 18-year-old-self rearing her European-club-rat head, and those horns would make even brass-master Felix Jaehn jealous. I'm not quite sure what a "Gangsta Walk" looks like, but I imagine that dance sequence in J. Bieb's "Sorry" music video where they waddle with T-rex arms:

If this is wrong—which I am one-hundred-and-seventy-percent sure it is—please advise me otherwise don't fucking tell me. I hate hearing that I'm wrong more than Cher hates Trump (#akaALOT).