*SUBMISSION* El Mar- The Road EP

1/16/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

1. Favorite Songs- F. YEAH. The start of "Favorite Songs" kicks-off El Mar's latest EP in such a raw and enjoyably dark way. It's perfect for when you have the Sunday scaries—I have learned this from first-hand experience here. The opening verse is so ominous and female-driven, it's like the aural interpretation of that new movie "The Forest." (Maybe that's just because I watched a commercial for Natalie Dormers' latest attempt to be a serious actor while listening to this but 'tevs, I stand by my statement y'all.)  But then **PLOT TWIST** the track evolves into this happy, beachy ditty. I'm a sucker for some lighthearted guitar strumming and a huuuuuge shout-out to that Fleetwood-Mac-styled tambourine in the background! U get me <3.

2. Grow- OoOoOoO, that ambient synth in the beginning. That minimalist yet effective bass. Those idiosyncratic percussion details. I bet Jessica Day from "New Girl" would jam to this while knitting or reading up on the history of women's sufferage (or doing whatever the fuck Jessica Day does for leisure^).This is like the ultimate soundtrack choice if your trying to imitate a super chill 60's L.A. beach party. A weird observation, but you can't deny it's accurate fools.

^but I'm pretty sure I hit the nail on fucking head with those predictions, just saying...

3. Strangers in the Dark- This is so grungy and guitar-heavy, it needed to be created 18 years ago so it could have been used in some quintessential late-90's rom-com. You know, in the scene where everything goes to shit and all the teenagers are angsty AF? This would play and at least two characters would be seen walking down an empty dark road in the pouring rain. I love the inclusion and accentuation of the electric accompaniment here. Who doesn't love a little vintage distortion in their songs, am i riiiiight? (You know, except like 13-yr-old girls and—i assume—the Kardashians, I mean).

4. Dance For The Dead- Okay, so I know it took me until song no. 4 to bring up the honeyed and dynamic harmonies El Mar is serving up, but they are present throughout "The Road." If I had to sum up "Dancing For the Dead" in one sentence, I would say it's reminiscent of an Elle King track with better production. (You'd think if your father was Rob Schneider you'd have some polished percussion backing you up, but, hey, Mr. Schneider never seemed to be the type of man who invests his money—or time—wisely... just look at his IMDB page for evidence).

5. The Road- I feel like this song belongs in a Sara Bareilles musical. It's got an infectious, almost sock-hop-styled bounce to the production prevalent in so many theatrical tracks. But the vocals are pure Barielles-esque bliss. I think it's necessary to say I'm referring to the naturalistic, mid-2000's Sara, not the pop sell-out she is now. Don't get me wrong, "Brave" is amazing, but this sounds nothing like that. This is emotive, it's mellow, and it was the purrrrfect way to end this folksy little indie EP.