Transviolet - Girls Your Age (Twin Shadow Remix)

12/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I was really shocked to hear this, because Transviolet's other single "New Bohemia" sounds completely different. The former was a poppy shout of joy. "Girls Your Age" is slower and more thoughtful. And it's amazing. Somewhere out there, Lana Del Ray is screaming into the night, pissed off she didn't record this. Sarah McTaggart and LDR definitely share similar vocal stylings, but thematically there seems to be overlap too. Dating an older dude, that dude professing how sexy the girl is, bla blah. Unlike Lana Del Rey (at least these days), some of the lyrics in "Girls Your Age" are poignant and clever. My favorites are "17 running from innocence / Like it's a lion / Nipping at my heels / But I'm young so I outrun him" and "he tells me that I'm hot so I tell him that I love him." I mean, is that not a beautifully tragic line!? Subtle and says it all. This is how you do this people. I think it's one of the best written songs I've heard this year. The year of 2015 I mean. In 2016 the best I've heard so far is shitty music by Travi$ Scott.**

** Jk, I love it's auto-tune message about booty-calls and will be blogging it later. Look out.