Travis Scott - Wonderful (ft. The Weeknd)

1/06/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song makes me want to eat Quaaludes at a seedy house party. Considering the two gentlemen involved here, this should surprise no one. The Weeknd is the king of drugged-out party noir, and Travis Scott is ...the auto-tune king of it. It's funny, for as similar as I perceive these artists to be, there is a war raging between their respective fans in the Youtube comments of the video. You do you, trolls. Anyways, I dig this song. It's exactly what you would expect: an ominous auto-tune frenzy. "Wonderful" actually has a pretty slow-burning tempo, but the Weeknd's vocals are so high energy they lift the vibe up. What a year that guy's had am I rite? This is his 3rd feature appearance on a song in literally 3 weeks. Slow your roll Abel. JK, please continue to make music at the same pace Kevin Hart makes movies. #alot