t4L in a Nutshell- February 2016

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Cause we can't blog every amazzzing track that crosses our path. 
(We did have Valentines Day to celebrate half-off candy to eat for
the latter half of the month, yah know?) But check these stellar tunes out or
forever be on our shit-list, right below Donald Trump and right
above Dr. Luke #yeahwewentthurrrrr #srynotsry

*SUBMISSION* French Horn Rebellion- Play Your Part (ft. Spencer Ludwig) [LEFTI Remix]

Check out these boys and their whole remix EP which they kindly sent over to us earlier this month. The whole thing is funky and addictive all in the right ways.

Two Friends- Forever (ft. Ktpearl)

*SUBMISSION* High Rule- Obsessed

OMI- Hitchhiker (Bergs Remix)

Imad Royal - Down For Whatever (ft. Pell)

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I felt kind of whatever about this song until Sugar Ray was casually name dropped. Fuck yeah. I feel like the world forgot about this beautiful 90s group. Seeing as Mark McGrath went on to host Extra, a more lame version of TMZ, I understand why the music community abandoned them, but that doesn't make it wrong!! So thanks to Imad Royal for reminding me to go listen to "When It's Over." Moving on to the actual artist here, Imad Royal has crafted a perfect lazy-summer track. We have a tag on this site called Stoned Pool Party, and "Down for Whatever" will be #1 on that playlist come June. There's an easy-going vibe to his vocals that I love. Makes me feel like I should board a plane to somewhere tropical and never return. Who needs a 401k when you have weed and the ocean?! I really am down for whatevs on this Monday.


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Show me a 4 piece band with some sunny guitar and I will be happier than Donald Trump is hurling insults at Jeb Bush. AKA positively gleeful. LISBON is an up-and-coming group hailing from Newcastle**, and their catchy pop-rock blend has stolen my heart. Over a catchy guitar riff, these young lads sing about being young, wild, n free. Duh. Did you think they were going to sing about car insurance? It's not ground-breaking, but it's fun and carries that British rocker vibe I love so much. I can perfectly imagine a crowd of rowdy Uni kids throwing Red Stripe cans and screaming the lyrics to "Vice". Maybe they're in a giant warehouse and the cops come. Oh wait, I'm just describing an episode of Skins. But I hope that happens for real, u guys.

***we love the British so much we are learning the geography of their nation. Since we are dumb Americans this is a legit commitment. 

Lissie- Wild West

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Yo, important PSA right now, so stop freaking out about Leo finally winning an Oscar and listen up losers. If you haven't already, go listen to Lissie's entire new album "My Wild West" right meow. Although here we will only discuss the album's 3rd track, every song in the latest from our little tawny-haired nymph is a magical, addictive slice of electro-pop bliss. But I'm especially digging this slow-build anthem. It truly showcases the amazing artistry Lissie possesses—she's like the less annoying version of Lana Del Rey. They both have the same sultry vocals and ominous production style, but I feel a kinship to Lissie whereas Lana has always rubbed me the wrong way personality-wise (not a hard feat cause I'm a shallow, fickle lil biotch, but still). Like Lana Del Rey is that girl who thinks she's hot shit and proudly refers to herself as a "guy's girl" (you know the type I'm talking about...) and Lissie is the cool, relatable version I'd smoke a blunt with, yah know?

*RELEASE* Fou De Toi- Don't Know What to Do

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THIS IS HOW YOU DO COVER ART, PPL. Take note. Is it meant to depict a generic paradise or a truly blissful shrooms trip one of the bandmates had? Who's to say really, all I know is that I dig. I know that the stage name "Fou De Toi" sounds like Joey trying to speak French to us Americans cause we're uncultured little shits (and proud of it goddamnit!), but "Fou De Toi" actually is French for "crazy for you." If you hadn't already learned something new today, there you fucking go.

I'm loving everything here from the super catchy chorus to that warm 80's synth resonating throughout. It's one of those songs that only gets better and better with every passing second. "Fou De Toi" hails from Stolkholm, so it's no surprise that they have produced this addictive little slice of contemporary indie-pop. The Swedes are always wayyy ahead of the game when it comes trendy music. Rumor* has it that they put Molly in the breast milk over there... That's why every Scandinavian with a synthesizer can make EDM magic and it's basically been that way since the birth of Bjork in 1965.

*A rumor 100% fabricated by yours truly but doesn't that sound like something that could be true?? There's NO WAY Bjork was being nursed with 100% natural milk. Only someone innately raised on 49 years of E would just casually wear this for her Gov Ball performance.

Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit)

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This girl is 14. Yup. While you process the fact that Billie Eilish was probably born in 2002***, let us also applaud her wise song-crafting skills. "Ocean Eyes" seems like it could have been made by someone much older (or in this case, someone who was alive when NSYNC was still together). There's a tranquil and shimmery quality to her voice that kind of reminds me of Young Summer. Accompanied by this chilled out production,we have a freakin ambient masterpiece on our hands. Props to Astronomyy for his hand here. The original is great, but his edit lets the track build steadily, culminating with a bunch of instruments Garage Band noises I have no educational background to actually name. But it sounds amazing! Rock on girl! And also, graduate middle school.

***when Friends was in it's 9th season, in case you need a cultural reference.

Cruel Youth- Mr. Watson

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My first reaction to "Mr. Watson" is that the lead singer kind of sounds like Natalia Kills. After extensive research (okay, fine, a 12 second Google search) I realized this bitch sounds like Natalia Kills because it is Natalia Kills. Hey girl! Welcome loons to your newest musical obsession. It comes in the form of Cruel Youth which consists of Teddy Sinclair (aka the artist formerly known as Natalia Kills) and her hubby, Willy Moon. Everything about this track seems so familiar yet so fresh. It's songs like these that make me fall in love with British music all over again. The cathartic vibe, the powerhouse vocals and the all-too-real lyricism all swirl together to create the perfect premiere track for this duo. It manages to ride that fine-line between dark, brooding-pop and vintage 60's rock. AKA Stevie Nicks would use this shit to soundtrack her next seance. And that is the highest compliment in the land. It's even higher than Kanye telling you that you sound like Kanye, if you can believe it.

French Montana- Figure It Out (ft. Kanye West & Nas)

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Let's face it. Kanye is the reason that 95% have clicked on the link to this song. And that's okayyyy. Because "Figure It Out" is the only time you will be able to hear Kanye wax new rhymes oh so poetically unless you succumb to peer pressure and subscribe to Tidal. Don't do it guys. Idk why, but I picture Tidal as the Scientology of music streaming options #weirdbutrue. And y'all can just listen to Kanye through Soundcloud where French Montana has laid down the freshest track in the land. And PLOT TWIST: Nas makes an appearance as well! The three boys trade some verses while French Montana also has some fun with the production backing the whole track all up. He takes some wonderfully idiosyncratic choices here—the hint of melodic piano slabs throughout and the appearance of those acidic guitar licks to name a few. But then he still uses the classic move of layering those overly-autotuned Kanye vocals over some underlying chipmunk vocals. That shit goes better together than chocolate and peanut butter. Or Kanye and his life-size dress up doll lovely wife, Kim.

Gypsy & The Cat - Inside Your Mind

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In the past, I have been skeptical of acts whose names are structured blank & the blanks. It is a tradition as old as time, but there are so many of these groups that I become irrationally angry when I see it. Like, I'm not trying to press play on an EP if I see it's by Miranda & The Gushers. Or Kevin & The Cougars.*** But "Inside Your Mind," the new tune by Aussie group Gypsy & The Cat, has calmed my rage surrounding the use of "& the" in hipster music. Over some dreamy-electro guitar, these lads have crafted a psychedelic pop gem. Not dissimilar to Tame Impala. Or maybe MGMT, if MGMT had stopped doing acid and started caring about the Top 40 again. Sigh. Back to Gypsy & the Cat, I feel like the music video of this song should involve them galloping horses through the desert. Idk there's something kind of Wild-West about it. That's all I got. T4L out.

***this is a very fun game actually.

The Fugees- Killing Me Softly (VenessaMichaels and MOONZz Redo)

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I always wonder how the originators of songs would feel about the various remixed versions of their songs. Like, while I love "Party & Bullshit" so much it will play at my funeral, I doubt Biggie would be pleased to hear his pain-fueled rhymes swirling in and out of Miley Cyrus' teenage warblings, yah know? And so I find myself wondering how The Fugees would feel about this. I guess I could have asked Wyclef Jean when I saw him perform with The Knocks a couple weeks ago at Baby's, but I was too busy basking in his surprising-yet-glorious presence while simultaneously shaking my head at the fact that Mr. Jean was waxing poetically about growing up in ghetto Brooklyn to a mostly white Millennial audience filming him with their cell phones. But, I honestly think the originators of "Killing Me Softly" would be digging the rework that these two bad-a$$ bitches have produced. It's contemporary, it's smooth as HELL and it's even a little experimental—all elements that are usually present in a quintessential mid-90's Fugees hit, and, coincidentally, all elements I hope to find in my next boyfriend.

The White Panda- Bright Young God (Halsey x Syn Cole x Sam Feldt)

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HELLOOOOOOOO SUMMER! Where you at?? I have never craved warm weather more than listening to The White Panda's latest mash-up. If I was spoiled-rich sorority girl from U-Miami I would totally use this song for my professionally-shot recruitment video. But I'm not, so I will just shriek this in the shower until my roommates beg me to stop (& I will deny them their request because this track is that infectious #srynotsryroomies.) With it's combination of Halsey's crisp, smooth vocals and The White Panda's intricate, swirling layers of synth, strings and piano, this song instantly transports me mentally to that delightful island where the Illuminati all vacations, a place that I can only imagine is pure beachy bliss (and 100% real!!) I feel like I can't rave about this track enough, but if I had to sum up the good-vibe feels I get from "Bright Young God" in GIF form, I would have to use this one of Kimmi Schmidt's divine hallucination during Spirit Cycle: shit is SPOT ON:

Giraffage - Make You Love Me

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Bonnie Raitt, is that u? In Giraffage's version of "Make You Love Me," he has taken the singer's biggest hit and given it a chill indie makeover. Modifications include pitched down vocals, a loop of the line "close to me," and tropical bird noises. Fuck yeah! Bird noises make me feel like I am in the rain forest instead of NYC in February. That description sounds like a clusterfuck, but the end result is pretty beautiful. It's melancholic, tranquil, and avoids the 90s-Lite-FM production of the original.*** Basically, Giraffage has revealed what Bonnie Raitt would sound like if she became a man and swallowed a bottle of Xanax. We love it.

***I mean, I enjoy "I Can't Make You Love Me" as much as the next person, but if you had to hear radio personality Delilah introduce it (please someone know what I'm talking about) approximately 7,100 times throughout the 90s, you would have PTSD too.

Rebecca & Fiona- Sayonara (Speaker of the House Remix)

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Guys, sorry I've been anti-remix for like a music-blogger eternity (3 months). But this track from Speaker of the House has made me believe again!! I feel like it's 2011 and I'm a starry-eyed, dayglow-attending, 19-yr-old again. S.O.T.H. takes a beachy, guitar-laced, deep house spin on the Swedish-duo's 2015 song. A+ song choice there, Mr. Speaker. I enjoy these girls mucho. Their voices blend so perfectly together, they're like the Ilana and Abbi of indie music. Maybe I'm only saying this because I am fresh off watching the season 3 premiere of Broad City and am still basking in it's overwhelming hilaaaaaahrity*, but I feel like I'm not that off on my assessment. Ilana and Abbi would def start a single off with a blunt but relatable statement like "Fuck the World" and you and I both know it.

*go watch it now ppl or forever be on our shit list: right above white girls with cornrows and right below Kevin James—a place NO girl wants to be -___-.

Will Joseph Cook- Girls Like Me

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YAAAS! Give me some mindless, single-syllabic lyrics to sing-a-long to any day of the fucking week. I haven't experienced such infectious "la-la"s since my mom dragged me to a Van Morrison concert in 2005 and Brown Eyed Girl hypnotized the sea of Bud-Light-drenched baby boomers (a hilaaaaarious sight to behold, TY for that George.) "Girls Like Me" is the latest from UK-based Will Joseph Cook, and if you don't want to hate yourself, do NAWT look up this kid's age*. It will make you feel the oldest of odd and as unaccomplished as John Harnett**. Everything in this indie-pop ditty is funk-flavored perfection from the vintage, emphasize guitar to the atmospheric harmonies. Not to mention that all this lovely accompaniment is finished off with a layer of Cook's velvety-smooth vocals. The ultimate cherry on top to this delicious sundae of a song. Ugh, now I just want ice cream -___-. Ending this post now so I can go get me some gelato in this balmy-as-fuq weather we're encountering rn. Peace, fuckers.

*he's 18

*Srsly, what ever happened to him? He was supposed to be the next Leo and instead he's probably the manager of a Jamba Juice in South Central LA.

Christofi & FEiN - Marry You On The Dancefloor

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Did you have an amazing Valentine's day filled with sex? Or were you like me, drunk and screaming Mr. Brightside with 13 other girls? Regardless of your answer, this song would have been an appropriate anthem at any Valentine's Day event. "Marry You On The Dancefloor" is a full fledged disco number, complete with a funky bassline and vocals as smooth as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's head. It's catchy AF, and if you don't break into Charlie's Angels dance moves upon hearing it, you need to get your pulse checked. I do have some questions about the lyrics and overall sincerity of this track. Are Christofi and FEiN are committing to this dancefloor-marriage metaphor genuinely, with lyrics such as "I wanna marry you on the dance floor / dance your life away with me", or are they laughing at the world on V Day? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW!! ;)

WDL - Hurricane Highlife (ft. Mawe)

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I tried in vain to figure out where WDL hails from. The best result I could come up with was "The Moon" circa his FB page. I could have tried harder I guess, but I probably would have gone to a much better college if that was my personality type. But enough about me.... Let us discuss this excellent new single from Moon-dweller WDL. "Hurricane Highlife" is the first track released from upcoming album No Wings Airline, and it's a glorious cut of emotive EDM. To clarify a little bit, I don't feel like "Hurricane Highlife" is foaming-at-the-mouth-at-Lolla kind of genre. (although I guess anything could be with the right substances). This is more like, dance music that you want to watch the sun rise to. Maybe on a boat in the tropics. Mawe serenades us over production that builds slowly into a perfect chorus. And there are strings (!!), which I'm a total sucker for. A+.

Solidisco- Golden (ft. AM!R)

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Despite the cruel joke Mother Nature is playing on us right now with the temperature, I feel quite warm and cozy right now! I credit this to Solidisco's latest funk-centric ditty. I think it's the combination of those saturated, honeyed harmonies and the vibrant synthetic production going on here that has me feeling warm enough to go outside and snowshoe in the nude. Not gonna do that cause hypothermia's a biiiiitch (#shit-I-learned-from-Titanic) and my body ain't ready for a bikini let alone my birthday suit, but what I'm tryna say is "Golden" fucking rocks. It's disco done right: groovy yet contemporary. Those atmospheric horns throughout elevate the track to a whole new level of infectious and A+ on your collaboration choice, Solidisco. Those are some swoon-worthy vocals happening thurrrr. I'm a little confused by AM!R's epithet choice, but I like to think that Elaine Benice chose his stage name for him. If you get that reference, ILY more than Kanye loves Kanye <3. 

James Blake - Modern Soul

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While all of you were busy freaking out over King Yeezy's terrible album launch (complete with Taylor Swift disses and a clothing line fit for District 12 members only), James Blake quietly dropped his first single in just under three years. It's called "Modern Soul," and when announcing it on BBC Radio, he also informed us the album will be titled Radio Silence. No any further details on track listing or release schedule. Sigh, what a tease. I feel like I'm a high school football player, and he's my GF of 3 months who refuses to bone me. Give it up Jimmy! But honestly, JB's music is so beautiful that I feel like a fucking idiot trying to make jokes anywhere near his presence. So I'm going to make this brief: "Modern Soul" is electronic of the finest order. He delivers his familiar haunting vocal and piano in a sparse (and simultaneously lush) arrangement. It's kind of wintry, and provides perfect background as I sit in a Vermont cabin this frigid weekend. James Blake, what a guy. Welcome back sir.

*RELEASE* RKCB- Future Being

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Is it kosher for me to label this as a "release" even though I'm 14 days past the date that the original release e-mail was sent our way?? Oh well, #dontcare #doingitanyway. This only further supports our claim that we are maybe #theworstmusicblogever. Blergh, wutever. Someone has to hold that title and no publicity is bad publicity, right Kardashian clan??

I'm loving this promo photo, RKCB. I feel like you just walked off the set of a Skins episode (UK, not US #fuckingduh. I live my life as though that Americanized atrocity never happened.) Basically what I'm trying to point out is: that ombre coat is SICK. I NEED. I know it's a men's coat but I would drop major denario for that regardless. "Future Being" is the latest from our favorite electronically-tinged duo. It's a quintessential R&B-laced, brooding-pop jam, which makes sense as these boys are SoCal-based. Synth-heavy brooding pop is to L.A. what Hansel was to 2001: ssssssssso hot right now. Keep the good tunes coming, RKCB, and come to NYC stat so we can experience your velvety vocals first hand, pLz and thanku. t4L, out!

Pretty Sister- DRIVE

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Hey there, Pretty Sister, I'm digging your band name mucho. I find it so relatable! JK, can you imagine if I was that vain?! Considering my sister and I look so alike that actual identical twins have been unnerved by our similarities, labelling one of us as the "pretty sister" would be like asking Stevie Wonder to pick someone out of a police line-up.

Now that I've been the most politically incorrect human on the internet (a tall feat), let's talk about DRIVE, ppl! The latest from LA-based Zak Waters is the smoooooothest little slice of pop-laced R&B I've heard in a while. The vocals are swoon-worthy as can be and that house piano has me craving sunshine and warm weather like I'm Leo's character from The Revenant. If that addictive, funky bass wasn't enough for yah, the lyrics are equally infectious. My favorite phrase, of course, has to be "Cause we got the top down / radio on / singing every word to a Tupac song." I also love that even though Tupac permamently moved to The Illuminati's private island died 20 years ago, we still follow the East Coast–West Coast allegiance. No fucking way will Biggie play in Pretty Sisters' fictitious top-down automobile as he cruises the Californian coast. 2Pac or bust*.

*I feel like I could make a novelty T-shirt company with that being my only slogan and I would be a millionaire in 0.6 seconds. Brb, gonna go try to get on Shark Tank.

CHINAH - Colder

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CHINAH does it again! Since we heard "Minds" last year, we have been unable to stop listening to these cool cats. It's also fitting that on the coldest day in recent history, I would be attracted to a song titled "Colder." No playing guys, it was so frigid that this morning I walked by a man wearing a black face mask. No eye-slits, just a wall of fabric over this dude's whole face. Was he chilly, or was he on his was to a scheduled morning robbery? The world will never know. (SEGUE WAY) The world should know about CHINAH though. I'm not sure what's happening in this song, but it sounds awesome. Rolling 80s synths complement some pristine vocals. This girl's name is Fine Glindvad, and I think she could be the 4th Haim sister. My dream is to be the 5th, but know that I would be the Kristen-Wiig-baby-hands-character-from-SNL kind of sister. My four sisters would be so ashamed they would sequester me to the back of the stage and only let me play the tambourine. #blessed

P.s I'm obsessed with these lyrics: "Turn the lights on / it needs to get colder" Nonsensical and poetic, my fav kind.

Rihanna - Work (ft. Drake)

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I did not get a chance to post this until today, because Beyonce has held the world hostage from discussion about anyone else. I mean, YOU GUYS. Coldplay should sue her. They were going to do a perfectly fine job until she mercilessly stole their thunder. This was partially the fault of the NFL, who decided rednecks weren't going to be down with "Yellow" and a field full of dancing rainbow flowers. But still. Beyonce is the devil, and I resent that everyone thinks she's #1. You know who's the best? Rihanna. Besides seeming like a crazy person,** her music has never let us down. Pon de Replay? Helped you showcase super-fresh dance moves in front of your crush at bar mitzvahs. Umbrella? Choreographed shitty dance routine with your high school sports team. We Found Love? Taught us the joys (and despairs) of molly. "Work" is no different. I'm not sure which white-person milestone I will experience while listening to it, but I'm sure it will be great. Love u bad-gal riri.

**which, I don't think you could be a good pop star if you weren't.

Bakermat & Goldfish - Games Continued (ft. Marie Plassard)

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Okay so as it turns out, this song came out when I was still in college. Which wasn't that long ago, but long enough ago that "Games Continued" has probably soundtracked several Yacht Week commercials already. I say this because it encompasses everything I imagine someone clubbing in Croatia would love. Firstly, there are sultry girl vocals. For serious, Marie Plassard's voice could melt butter faster than all the Earth's glaciers. Secondly, there is #housepiano. As everyone knows, house piano is #1 to anyone that's been within 500 miles of Ibiza. Lastly and most importantly, Bakermat & Goldfish*** have included...SAX. While some may complain this instrument is soooooo 2014, that's fucking dumb. And also, this song came out in 2014, so back the fuck off. T4L out.

***to me, this duo's stage name sounds like a cracked out law firm. You know, the kind that advertises on the subway and whose posters begin with slogans such as "When diamonds aren't forever..."

*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers- Don't Let Me Down (ft. Daya)

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Infinite hand-clap emojis for this one, Los Fumadores*. Alex and Drew have up'd the anti once again here with their newest track, "Don't Let Me Down." I know with every passing Chainsmokers track we rave about on t4L I say they're at the top of their game, but my boys keep raising the fucking bar. I guess I'm calling them the Cingular of the EDM world? Which sounds like a burn but is meant as a compliment. The beginning and verses has this sort of brooding, emo-pop vibe going on. Kind of XYLØ-esque what with that faded electric guitar, atmospheric synth and thumping bass drum all floating together under those wispy yet resilient female vocals. But then the song transforms at the build and you sudden'y find yourself listening to a track that is an absolute banger and a halffff. It hits that satisfying, sweet-spot—a direct result of those screaming vocals being combined with that fist-pumping percussion. It's one of those chorus' that you'll find those drunk annoying girls you hate me shrieking along to at the bar—off-fucking-key as Helen Keller— with all the passion of a young Ashanti.

*still tryna get that nickname to spread and I will never stop campaigning. It's too fun to say with a Barcelonean accent, amiright?

Annabel Jones - IOU

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If you date Annabel Jones, I'm pretty sure she will have no time for your whiny bullshit. In "IOU" she sings about ditching a boy who seemed as fun as Parks and Rec's JERRY. This dude "came across blind / came across blue," and then when Miss Annabel ignored him for awhile he "nearly went mad." Honestly, I'm imagining Dudley Dursley when I listen. Or Vernon Dursley. Anyone in the Dursley lineage really. Or Donald Trump. This has become a real brainstorm sesh of hotties. Aside from these unpleasant images, I have no complaints at all. "IOU" is a well-crafted pop track, complete with punchy vocals and slick production. I haven't heard any other tracks by AJ, but the sassiness of "IOU" reminds me of other British ladies such as Kate Nash and Chloe Howl. We're not at a Lily level of sassy yet, but there's still time! Maybe on the next single.

P.S. her dad is the most famous Monkee DAVY JONES. This is irrelevant, but now u know.