Annabel Jones - IOU

2/09/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

If you date Annabel Jones, I'm pretty sure she will have no time for your whiny bullshit. In "IOU" she sings about ditching a boy who seemed as fun as Parks and Rec's JERRY. This dude "came across blind / came across blue," and then when Miss Annabel ignored him for awhile he "nearly went mad." Honestly, I'm imagining Dudley Dursley when I listen. Or Vernon Dursley. Anyone in the Dursley lineage really. Or Donald Trump. This has become a real brainstorm sesh of hotties. Aside from these unpleasant images, I have no complaints at all. "IOU" is a well-crafted pop track, complete with punchy vocals and slick production. I haven't heard any other tracks by AJ, but the sassiness of "IOU" reminds me of other British ladies such as Kate Nash and Chloe Howl. We're not at a Lily level of sassy yet, but there's still time! Maybe on the next single.

P.S. her dad is the most famous Monkee DAVY JONES. This is irrelevant, but now u know.