Bakermat & Goldfish - Games Continued (ft. Marie Plassard)

2/09/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Okay so as it turns out, this song came out when I was still in college. Which wasn't that long ago, but long enough ago that "Games Continued" has probably soundtracked several Yacht Week commercials already. I say this because it encompasses everything I imagine someone clubbing in Croatia would love. Firstly, there are sultry girl vocals. For serious, Marie Plassard's voice could melt butter faster than all the Earth's glaciers. Secondly, there is #housepiano. As everyone knows, house piano is #1 to anyone that's been within 500 miles of Ibiza. Lastly and most importantly, Bakermat & Goldfish*** have included...SAX. While some may complain this instrument is soooooo 2014, that's fucking dumb. And also, this song came out in 2014, so back the fuck off. T4L out.

***to me, this duo's stage name sounds like a cracked out law firm. You know, the kind that advertises on the subway and whose posters begin with slogans such as "When diamonds aren't forever..."