CHINAH - Colder

2/11/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

CHINAH does it again! Since we heard "Minds" last year, we have been unable to stop listening to these cool cats. It's also fitting that on the coldest day in recent history, I would be attracted to a song titled "Colder." No playing guys, it was so frigid that this morning I walked by a man wearing a black face mask. No eye-slits, just a wall of fabric over this dude's whole face. Was he chilly, or was he on his was to a scheduled morning robbery? The world will never know. (SEGUE WAY) The world should know about CHINAH though. I'm not sure what's happening in this song, but it sounds awesome. Rolling 80s synths complement some pristine vocals. This girl's name is Fine Glindvad, and I think she could be the 4th Haim sister. My dream is to be the 5th, but know that I would be the Kristen-Wiig-baby-hands-character-from-SNL kind of sister. My four sisters would be so ashamed they would sequester me to the back of the stage and only let me play the tambourine. #blessed

P.s I'm obsessed with these lyrics: "Turn the lights on / it needs to get colder" Nonsensical and poetic, my fav kind.