Cruel Youth- Mr. Watson

2/23/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

My first reaction to "Mr. Watson" is that the lead singer kind of sounds like Natalia Kills. After extensive research (okay, fine, a 12 second Google search) I realized this bitch sounds like Natalia Kills because it is Natalia Kills. Hey girl! Welcome loons to your newest musical obsession. It comes in the form of Cruel Youth which consists of Teddy Sinclair (aka the artist formerly known as Natalia Kills) and her hubby, Willy Moon. Everything about this track seems so familiar yet so fresh. It's songs like these that make me fall in love with British music all over again. The cathartic vibe, the powerhouse vocals and the all-too-real lyricism all swirl together to create the perfect premiere track for this duo. It manages to ride that fine-line between dark, brooding-pop and vintage 60's rock. AKA Stevie Nicks would use this shit to soundtrack her next seance. And that is the highest compliment in the land. It's even higher than Kanye telling you that you sound like Kanye, if you can believe it.