Gypsy & The Cat - Inside Your Mind

2/20/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

In the past, I have been skeptical of acts whose names are structured blank & the blanks. It is a tradition as old as time, but there are so many of these groups that I become irrationally angry when I see it. Like, I'm not trying to press play on an EP if I see it's by Miranda & The Gushers. Or Kevin & The Cougars.*** But "Inside Your Mind," the new tune by Aussie group Gypsy & The Cat, has calmed my rage surrounding the use of "& the" in hipster music. Over some dreamy-electro guitar, these lads have crafted a psychedelic pop gem. Not dissimilar to Tame Impala. Or maybe MGMT, if MGMT had stopped doing acid and started caring about the Top 40 again. Sigh. Back to Gypsy & the Cat, I feel like the music video of this song should involve them galloping horses through the desert. Idk there's something kind of Wild-West about it. That's all I got. T4L out.

***this is a very fun game actually.