James Blake - Modern Soul

2/13/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

While all of you were busy freaking out over King Yeezy's terrible album launch (complete with Taylor Swift disses and a clothing line fit for District 12 members only), James Blake quietly dropped his first single in just under three years. It's called "Modern Soul," and when announcing it on BBC Radio, he also informed us the album will be titled Radio Silence. No any further details on track listing or release schedule. Sigh, what a tease. I feel like I'm a high school football player, and he's my GF of 3 months who refuses to bone me. Give it up Jimmy! But honestly, JB's music is so beautiful that I feel like a fucking idiot trying to make jokes anywhere near his presence. So I'm going to make this brief: "Modern Soul" is electronic of the finest order. He delivers his familiar haunting vocal and piano in a sparse (and simultaneously lush) arrangement. It's kind of wintry, and provides perfect background as I sit in a Vermont cabin this frigid weekend. James Blake, what a guy. Welcome back sir.