2/29/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Show me a 4 piece band with some sunny guitar and I will be happier than Donald Trump is hurling insults at Jeb Bush. AKA positively gleeful. LISBON is an up-and-coming group hailing from Newcastle**, and their catchy pop-rock blend has stolen my heart. Over a catchy guitar riff, these young lads sing about being young, wild, n free. Duh. Did you think they were going to sing about car insurance? It's not ground-breaking, but it's fun and carries that British rocker vibe I love so much. I can perfectly imagine a crowd of rowdy Uni kids throwing Red Stripe cans and screaming the lyrics to "Vice". Maybe they're in a giant warehouse and the cops come. Oh wait, I'm just describing an episode of Skins. But I hope that happens for real, u guys.

***we love the British so much we are learning the geography of their nation. Since we are dumb Americans this is a legit commitment.