Pretty Sister- DRIVE

2/12/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hey there, Pretty Sister, I'm digging your band name mucho. I find it so relatable! JK, can you imagine if I was that vain?! Considering my sister and I look so alike that actual identical twins have been unnerved by our similarities, labelling one of us as the "pretty sister" would be like asking Stevie Wonder to pick someone out of a police line-up.

Now that I've been the most politically incorrect human on the internet (a tall feat), let's talk about DRIVE, ppl! The latest from LA-based Zak Waters is the smoooooothest little slice of pop-laced R&B I've heard in a while. The vocals are swoon-worthy as can be and that house piano has me craving sunshine and warm weather like I'm Leo's character from The Revenant. If that addictive, funky bass wasn't enough for yah, the lyrics are equally infectious. My favorite phrase, of course, has to be "Cause we got the top down / radio on / singing every word to a Tupac song." I also love that even though Tupac permamently moved to The Illuminati's private island died 20 years ago, we still follow the East Coast–West Coast allegiance. No fucking way will Biggie play in Pretty Sisters' fictitious top-down automobile as he cruises the Californian coast. 2Pac or bust*.

*I feel like I could make a novelty T-shirt company with that being my only slogan and I would be a millionaire in 0.6 seconds. Brb, gonna go try to get on Shark Tank.