Rebecca & Fiona- Sayonara (Speaker of the House Remix)

2/18/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Guys, sorry I've been anti-remix for like a music-blogger eternity (3 months). But this track from Speaker of the House has made me believe again!! I feel like it's 2011 and I'm a starry-eyed, dayglow-attending, 19-yr-old again. S.O.T.H. takes a beachy, guitar-laced, deep house spin on the Swedish-duo's 2015 song. A+ song choice there, Mr. Speaker. I enjoy these girls mucho. Their voices blend so perfectly together, they're like the Ilana and Abbi of indie music. Maybe I'm only saying this because I am fresh off watching the season 3 premiere of Broad City and am still basking in it's overwhelming hilaaaaaahrity*, but I feel like I'm not that off on my assessment. Ilana and Abbi would def start a single off with a blunt but relatable statement like "Fuck the World" and you and I both know it.

*go watch it now ppl or forever be on our shit list: right above white girls with cornrows and right below Kevin James—a place NO girl wants to be -___-.