*RELEASE* Fou De Toi- Don't Know What to Do

2/24/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

THIS IS HOW YOU DO COVER ART, PPL. Take note. Is it meant to depict a generic paradise or a truly blissful shrooms trip one of the bandmates had? Who's to say really, all I know is that I dig. I know that the stage name "Fou De Toi" sounds like Joey trying to speak French to us Americans cause we're uncultured little shits (and proud of it goddamnit!), but "Fou De Toi" actually is French for "crazy for you." If you hadn't already learned something new today, there you fucking go.

I'm loving everything here from the super catchy chorus to that warm 80's synth resonating throughout. It's one of those songs that only gets better and better with every passing second. "Fou De Toi" hails from Stolkholm, so it's no surprise that they have produced this addictive little slice of contemporary indie-pop. The Swedes are always wayyy ahead of the game when it comes trendy music. Rumor* has it that they put Molly in the breast milk over there... That's why every Scandinavian with a synthesizer can make EDM magic and it's basically been that way since the birth of Bjork in 1965.

*A rumor 100% fabricated by yours truly but doesn't that sound like something that could be true?? There's NO WAY Bjork was being nursed with 100% natural milk. Only someone innately raised on 49 years of E would just casually wear this for her Gov Ball performance.