*RELEASE* RKCB- Future Being

2/13/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Is it kosher for me to label this as a "release" even though I'm 14 days past the date that the original release e-mail was sent our way?? Oh well, #dontcare #doingitanyway. This only further supports our claim that we are maybe #theworstmusicblogever. Blergh, wutever. Someone has to hold that title and no publicity is bad publicity, right Kardashian clan??

I'm loving this promo photo, RKCB. I feel like you just walked off the set of a Skins episode (UK, not US #fuckingduh. I live my life as though that Americanized atrocity never happened.) Basically what I'm trying to point out is: that ombre coat is SICK. I NEED. I know it's a men's coat but I would drop major denario for that regardless. "Future Being" is the latest from our favorite electronically-tinged duo. It's a quintessential R&B-laced, brooding-pop jam, which makes sense as these boys are SoCal-based. Synth-heavy brooding pop is to L.A. what Hansel was to 2001: ssssssssso hot right now. Keep the good tunes coming, RKCB, and come to NYC stat so we can experience your velvety vocals first hand, pLz and thanku. t4L, out!