Solidisco- Golden (ft. AM!R)

2/13/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Despite the cruel joke Mother Nature is playing on us right now with the temperature, I feel quite warm and cozy right now! I credit this to Solidisco's latest funk-centric ditty. I think it's the combination of those saturated, honeyed harmonies and the vibrant synthetic production going on here that has me feeling warm enough to go outside and snowshoe in the nude. Not gonna do that cause hypothermia's a biiiiitch (#shit-I-learned-from-Titanic) and my body ain't ready for a bikini let alone my birthday suit, but what I'm tryna say is "Golden" fucking rocks. It's disco done right: groovy yet contemporary. Those atmospheric horns throughout elevate the track to a whole new level of infectious and A+ on your collaboration choice, Solidisco. Those are some swoon-worthy vocals happening thurrrr. I'm a little confused by AM!R's epithet choice, but I like to think that Elaine Benice chose his stage name for him. If you get that reference, ILY more than Kanye loves Kanye <3.