The Fugees- Killing Me Softly (VenessaMichaels and MOONZz Redo)

2/20/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I always wonder how the originators of songs would feel about the various remixed versions of their songs. Like, while I love "Party & Bullshit" so much it will play at my funeral, I doubt Biggie would be pleased to hear his pain-fueled rhymes swirling in and out of Miley Cyrus' teenage warblings, yah know? And so I find myself wondering how The Fugees would feel about this. I guess I could have asked Wyclef Jean when I saw him perform with The Knocks a couple weeks ago at Baby's, but I was too busy basking in his surprising-yet-glorious presence while simultaneously shaking my head at the fact that Mr. Jean was waxing poetically about growing up in ghetto Brooklyn to a mostly white Millennial audience filming him with their cell phones. But, I honestly think the originators of "Killing Me Softly" would be digging the rework that these two bad-a$$ bitches have produced. It's contemporary, it's smooth as HELL and it's even a little experimental—all elements that are usually present in a quintessential mid-90's Fugees hit, and, coincidentally, all elements I hope to find in my next boyfriend.