The White Panda- Bright Young God (Halsey x Syn Cole x Sam Feldt)

2/20/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

HELLOOOOOOOO SUMMER! Where you at?? I have never craved warm weather more than listening to The White Panda's latest mash-up. If I was spoiled-rich sorority girl from U-Miami I would totally use this song for my professionally-shot recruitment video. But I'm not, so I will just shriek this in the shower until my roommates beg me to stop (& I will deny them their request because this track is that infectious #srynotsryroomies.) With it's combination of Halsey's crisp, smooth vocals and The White Panda's intricate, swirling layers of synth, strings and piano, this song instantly transports me mentally to that delightful island where the Illuminati all vacations, a place that I can only imagine is pure beachy bliss (and 100% real!!) I feel like I can't rave about this track enough, but if I had to sum up the good-vibe feels I get from "Bright Young God" in GIF form, I would have to use this one of Kimmi Schmidt's divine hallucination during Spirit Cycle: shit is SPOT ON: