WDL - Hurricane Highlife (ft. Mawe)

2/13/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I tried in vain to figure out where WDL hails from. The best result I could come up with was "The Moon" circa his FB page. I could have tried harder I guess, but I probably would have gone to a much better college if that was my personality type. But enough about me.... Let us discuss this excellent new single from Moon-dweller WDL. "Hurricane Highlife" is the first track released from upcoming album No Wings Airline, and it's a glorious cut of emotive EDM. To clarify a little bit, I don't feel like "Hurricane Highlife" is foaming-at-the-mouth-at-Lolla kind of genre. (although I guess anything could be with the right substances). This is more like, dance music that you want to watch the sun rise to. Maybe on a boat in the tropics. Mawe serenades us over production that builds slowly into a perfect chorus. And there are strings (!!), which I'm a total sucker for. A+.