Will Joseph Cook- Girls Like Me

2/17/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

YAAAS! Give me some mindless, single-syllabic lyrics to sing-a-long to any day of the fucking week. I haven't experienced such infectious "la-la"s since my mom dragged me to a Van Morrison concert in 2005 and Brown Eyed Girl hypnotized the sea of Bud-Light-drenched baby boomers (a hilaaaaarious sight to behold, TY for that George.) "Girls Like Me" is the latest from UK-based Will Joseph Cook, and if you don't want to hate yourself, do NAWT look up this kid's age*. It will make you feel the oldest of odd and as unaccomplished as John Harnett**. Everything in this indie-pop ditty is funk-flavored perfection from the vintage, emphasize guitar to the atmospheric harmonies. Not to mention that all this lovely accompaniment is finished off with a layer of Cook's velvety-smooth vocals. The ultimate cherry on top to this delicious sundae of a song. Ugh, now I just want ice cream -___-. Ending this post now so I can go get me some gelato in this balmy-as-fuq weather we're encountering rn. Peace, fuckers.

*he's 18

*Srsly, what ever happened to him? He was supposed to be the next Leo and instead he's probably the manager of a Jamba Juice in South Central LA.