DMA's - Delete

3/08/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

These boys have been drawing a lot of comparisons to Oasis. I feel that, but honestly when I heard this song I thought of The Libertines (the depressing tracks) and Ryan Adams. There's a raw energy to this that pulls at all my heart strings. Especially because "Delete" starts off casual. When I first pressed play, I expected nothing besides a throw-away Hype Machine track. Nothing to see here!! Then it creeps up on you and explodes into this beautiful chorus, complete with poetic lyrics such as "in the quiet of nothing." I feel like I'm watching the sun rise and coming down off a lot of molly. In a great way. There's some really nice low-key harmony too! Ultimately, I want to chug Red Stripe and scream into the night when I listen to "Delete". Well done DMA's.