Falqo- Across the Sea

3/20/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Welcome to the funk-infused, indie version of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea," my loons. A weird observation with which to start a post, but everything adds up—Laid-back vibes: check. Crooning male vocals: check. An underlying oceanic motif that has me craving sunshine like I'm craving the Pad Thai I just ordered on Seamless: fucking check. Or maybe I'm finding these two songs oddly similar because I pregamed to Finding Nemo last night* and Darin's swanky tune closes out that film... who's to say really?

"Across the Sea" is the latest from Aussie-native, Falqo. With it's swirl of shimmery synth, groovy guitar riffs and mellow piano slabs, this song truly is the chillest in the land. If you're wondering who is responsible for those A+ vocals sailing over Falqo's summery production, credit must be given to a dude by the name of Kamaliza Salamba (which honestly sounds less like a name and more like my 3-year-old cousin trying to say "Condoleeza"—y'know, when she's discussing the delicate intricacies of mid-2000's politics—but 'tevs).

*Nothing goes better with a kids movie better than hard alcohol, just ask any parent of a 6 year old and they will agree with me.