Gorgon City- All Four Walls (ft. Vaults)

3/28/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Now, if you're not up to snuff on the UK garage music scene, you probably think "Gorgon City" is the name of some dystopian novel's metropolis. Or a Pokemon town. But "Gorgon City" is actually an electronic duo consisting of two London-based lads who—if you couldn't tell by their fully-buttoned, fly-AF, patterned shirts—are wayyyy cooler than you, yah science-fiction-reading, Pikachu-loving NERD*. "All Four Walls" SCREAMS contemporary, Brit-pop so much that somewhere Jess Glynne is kicking herself for not snatching it up for herself like a greedy biotch. This shit is right up the alley for a powerhouse vocalist such as Ms. Glynne, but the honor of fronting this funky, tropical-tinged little slice of electro-pop goes to our homegirl, Vaults. We loved her a couple years back when she released her haunted, quasi-morbid "Cry No More" and we love her even more now that she's decided to team up with these two goons. Forget the 1992 US Olympic basketball squad, these three are the real Dream Team.

*takes one to know one