Kali Uchis- Ridin Round (ft. Troy Lanez)(Oshi Redo)

3/15/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I'm confused, but flattered: why did this Oshi use a sketch of yours truly for his cover art?? That curly, disheveled, auburn 'do looks way too similar to what I see in the mirror when I wake up every morning. Or I guess it could also be a sketch of Shawn White considering the oh-so-unfortunate likeness we share. Getting to the point of this post: this jam and a-fucking-half of a song. I feel like it is the type of bo$$ bitch anthem that the ladies of Broad City would vibe to. (<--- Basically the highest praise we can give TBH.) Big ups to Oshi for reworking the original so seamlessly that I couldn't even tell this track was a remix at first. That's not to say Oshi's additions are the only thing that makes this the ultimate joyride jam. Kali Uchis' relatable and blunt lyricism as must be noted. It flows effortlessly over that perfect combination of light, melodic house piano and distorted, heavy synth. Also, I want to own a T-shirt with the phrase "Fuck Me Or I'll Fuck You Worse" printed on it STAT... who do I e-mail about obtaining that, Ms. Uchis?