Marian Hill- Down

3/08/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

If you've never heard of Marian Hill before, they're the type of artist that Wednesday Addams would vibe too. I mean this as a great compliment, seeing as Ms. Addams is chill as a fahking cucumber in my book. "Down" is the latest from this Philly-based duo and it's the kind of track I don't feel cool enough to listen to. But I will anyway because I love that combo of the simplistic, addictive piano and Sam Gongol's wispy, mystic vocals so damn much. When I listen to this, I feel as though I just ingested a dose of acid and then walked into a jazz club. Straight up, no one does experimental electro-indie ditties like this pair. What starts off as a low-energy, jazz-infused melody evolves drastically into a mellow, quasi-trap jam. I didn't even think "mellow trap" was a genre that could exist, but here it is and it is glorious.