Mura Masa- What If I Go?

3/16/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Damn. This kid just knows how to create good, contemporary music. Everything he creates seems to immediately receive praises from all sides, he's basically the Shonda Rhimes of the indie music scene. His latest laid-back ditty comes in the form of "What If I Go?" and I can't decide if I want to dance to it or trip balls to it. The ever-changing synth, that shimmery harp and the unexpected (yet totally welcome) presence of that steel drum have me totally enamored with this 19-yr-old wunderkin. Aka I feel like a cougar for the first time in my life. I never thought I'd be okay with feeling like Demi Moore, but I'm 100% okay with it at the moment. Credit must also be given here to Bonzai, who is the chica responsible for those silky vocals gliding over all of Crossan's intricate production work. Fun fact: Bonzai, the first person to be signed to Mura Masa's very own label, Anchor Point. TBH that name sounds more like a craft brewery based in Nantucket, but the label will probably find more success in its first 6 months of business than I will during my entire professional career so I guess I should stop dissing it and just STFU.