*RELEASE* Kill J- Coda

3/18/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I need a T-shirt that says "I'm the realest fucking thing you'll ever hate" and I need it like, yesterday. That is lyricism at it's finest in my book. I just love that whole bitter-pop vibe Kill J always manages to bring to her stuff. If her ethereal Janet-Jackson-meets-MØ voice doesn't draw you in, her idiosyncratic production style definitely will. Not to mention that in her promo photos she always looks impeccably modern and trés chic, like she's President Snow's dystopian mistress or something. Homegirl has personal style for dayyyyys, y'all!

Our wispy-voiced, Nordic nymph has this to say about her most recent electro-pop ditty:
“[Coda is] a song about taking power back. I chose the title 
because it is a musical term which describes a passage that 
brings the piece to the end—an after play or finale. You always 
know what you should have said after it’s over and too late—
‘Coda’ is my way of getting the last word.”