*RELEASE* Satellite Mode- Fair

3/07/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

YAAAS, KWEEN! Those vocals are perfection, Ms. Carvo. How is it that ladies with curly manes are more often than not able to sing like a complete and total BAWSS? For instance, Jess Glynne, Whitney, and Mariah (referring to her glory days—aka pre-Nick-Cannon years—only here) just to name a few. And WHY did I not inherit this trait along with my unruly locks? My natural hair is equivalent to that of Shawn White—that is to say frizzy, thick, and as ginger as the devil's chinstrap*—and yet I have the voice equivalent to that of a tone-deaf Furby. Talk about life not being "Fair", am I right? Speaking of "Fair", I'm loving everything here from the cathartic house piano to the soulful saxophone near the end. And that interlude in the middle where Carvo breaks her warblings to straight talk for a second is so B. Spears circa 2001, the millennial in me can barely handle it.

*'cuz you know Lucifer rocks the chinstrap like he's a die-hard Red Sox fan from 2004, fucking douche that he is.