Sara Hartman- Two Feet Off The Ground

3/26/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WoW wee WOW! This song rocks. It's the type of self-assured, catchy, fem-pop anthem that your boyfriend will say he hates but that he secretly croons to his dog when he thinks no one is around. It's the type of song that you'll SCREECH in the shower until the sun goes down—or until your landlord gets so many noise complaints that he is contractually obligated to tell you to STFU—whichever comes first. That isolated kick drum, those uplifting choral vocals, that jittery guitar pattern: everything just fits together so effortlessly in Hartman's latest ditty. And the lyricism here must also be noted: the whole song is basically just a string of relatable sensations described with more eloquence than I ever could muster. For instance, "keep walking all I feel is pins and needles" is just a classier, more poetic way of saying "I shouldn't have fucking worn heels out tonight." And "chemicals they spin me round," is just another way of saying "rolling FACE." Which reminds me, only 70 days until Gov Ball, hollaaaa!