Skizzy Mars- Hit Me Harder (ft. Jaymes Young)

3/30/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

What's not to love here? Skizzy's rhymes are as smooth and fluent as ever and Jaymes Young's choral appearance is pure bliss. I would take this muy caliente pairing anywhere: on a track, on stage, in my bed, you name it. The whole song reminds me of the collab album Ed Sheeran did before he made it big and became Taylor Swift's Ron Weasley ginger bestie. Yeah, I know I sound like a tool for saying I listened to Ed before he was famous, but I LISTENED TO HIM BEFORE HE WAS FAMOUS LOoOoSERS. Suck my non-existent dick and bask in the glory that is my pop culture knowledge!! JK, I didn't even know Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale were an item let alone they have a kid together, so my knowledge isn't as IMDB-extensive as I like to think it is. womp womp.