Skogsrå - Out Of Time

3/30/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Happy Hump Day people. Instead of celebrating with a box of Girl Scout cookies at your cube (which I am sadly guilty of. Damn u Tag-A-Longs), enjoy the audio sugar Skogsrå provides in his new jam "Out Of Time." Seeing as this dude is Swedish, crafting a scientifically-pleasing pop song is basically in his blood. Perhaps he is a descendant of ABBA? Although, personally, if I had those Mamma Mia royalties, I would never get out of bed let alone produce my own music. He also looks like a hot cousin of Skrillex in that pic, so there's that. Anywayssss, the point is "Out Of Time" is an infectious pop jam, and I hope one day it graces Top 40 radio stations everywhere. Or at the very least some amazing Spotify playlists. T4L out.