Solidisco- Get In Love

3/21/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Mondays are hard. Sliding into a full week of work can be tough:

Like dog-getting-his-face-stuck-in-a-box tough:

But Solidisco has created this infectious, upbeat banger to get you through your case of the Mondays, thank GAWD:

So press play and scroll, fools:

The vocals start and that slow-build synth hits and I immediately feel like a boss feminist and tenacious sex kitten all wrapped into one:

Srsly, has the intro to a song ever made you feel so FIERCE!? It makes me feel like Gigi stomping on the runaway:

Or like Lebron in a wig:

And then that addictive verse transitions seamlessly into a percussion-fueled build perfect for soundtracking even the sloppiest of dance floor makeouts. It's the type of build that has me wanting to flail every limb in every direction:

And finally, the drop hits and the song transforms into pure funky, electo-dance BLISS. You'll be bopping along to this whether you're jamming alone:

Or rocking out with your bestie in matching, tacky outfits:

Even Hillary's vibin', guys:

So thanks, Solidisco, for making my Monday bearable. On a day where I usually feel like this:

Today, I feel like a confident, cool, & collected KWEEN:

Doesn't get much better than feeling like Queen Bey herself, ami-riiiight? t4L, OUT!