t4L in a Nutshell- April 2016

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Cause we can't blog every amazzzing track that crosses our path. 
(We do have lives LEMON-fucking-ADE to listen to on repeat, yah know?)

*SUBMISSION* Violet Days- Your Girl

Naomi Pilgrim- Sink Like a Stone

*SUBMISSION* kid joki & CLMD- Wait For Love

Justin Jay & Friends- What Do You Want (ft. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges)

*SUBMISSION* Gypsy & The Cat- I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else

Monopol - Somebody That I'll Never Be

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Monopol (which in full disclosure, looks like a typo for the #1 board game of my childhood) is the new moniker of 24 year-old producer Christoph Andersson, a man famous for his work with G-Easy. While I'm not cool enough to listen to rap, I cannot speak more effusively about his new single "Somebody That I'll Never Be." With it's cool synths and catchy chorus, Andersson is fast on his way to conquering another genre. This is a Calvin Harris remix away from the Top 40, and I'm pretty sure Phoenix is weeping they didn't come up with it. Plus, he's from NOLA! We mostly write about assholes** from NY and LA, so glad to have some geographical flavor in the mix. We await your next single Monopol.

**kind of joking but not really. People from the coasts are mean!!

Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This Is What You Came For

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While the world is burning down over Beyonce, Rihanna pulls a fast one and releases a Calvin Harris collab. Calvin went on record saying he was scared shitless nervous about following up "We Found Love," and who can blame him? That song was basically responsible for the worldwide rise of molly in 2011. It put Calvin on the map, and also enabled him to transform from pasty Scottish DJ to Armani underwear model. There's added pressure given the fact that both Calvin & Riri just released albums lacking more than one hit single. Well these hotties can relax, because "This Is What You Came For" is a banger. Addictive from the opening tropical house synths, and definitely worthy of that crazy cover art.I can only hope this pair will give the public what they truly want: a music video with their sex scene and a plotline of Celine Dion caliber drama.


Gwen Stefani- Make Me Like You (RAC Mix)

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Honestly, I didn't even know this Gwen Stefani song existed. And I even saw her perform it on SNL a couple weeks ago lol. Although, in my defense, I was too busy thinking that Ms. Stefani is one shot of botox away from being warmly accepted into the Kardashian clan to really focus on the song. But she's in her late 40's and manages to pull off that slutty-Elsa look flawlessly so I guess I shouldn't be hating.

If, like me, you aren't familiar with the original "Make Me Like You," don't bother leaving this page to look it up—Stefani's version doesn't hold a candle to this groovy, little ditty RAC has constructed. Considering we've been raving about RAC's remixing skills since 2013, it's no shocker that we're digging his latest rework. The thumping, funky baseline paired with Stefani's signature sugary-pop voice SCREAMS summertime vibes. All I want to do is jam to this as I cruise down a tropical coastline in that Tiffany-blue convertible from Thelma and Louise. Too bad I live in Manhattan and am too poor to buy an extravagant movie prop like that. I guess I'll have to settle for drunkenly begging my Uber driver for access to his aux cord. Then I can blast this as I pull the classic-drunk-girl-move and hang my head out the window like an overly-giddy Golden Retriever on his way to the park. Basically the same as a sitting shotty in a vintage convertible, right?

Kai Straw- Don't Tread On Me

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I hundo-P thought the cover art for this was going to be some horribly-photoshopped version of the Gadsden flag (aka the second most popular wall-art that freshmen boys hang to seem cool*). But a back alley where (I assume) multiple homeless people try to park their rape vans works as cover art too, I guess. Mostly though, when a song is this infectious, IDGAF about the visuals matched with it. As soon as "Don't Tread on Me" flows through my earbuds, I end up closing my eyes and losing myself to the overwhelming amount of soul, funk, and 'tude happening here. So the album art is a moot point (or if you're Joey Tribbiani, a moo point). What has really kept me pressing repeat on this song all day long is Straw's swoon-worthy vocals. The San-Fran native's voice manages to go from falsetto to raspy to honeyed to harmonic all while spitting some all-too-relatable lyrics.

*the first is John Belushi from Animal House and the third is any variation of Bob Marley's smiling face splashed over Jamaica's national colors #leDUH. You know what's cool though, young collegiates? Actual fucking art. Just a suggestion.

The Palms - Breakin Up

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Citizen Cope, is that you? Nahhhh, the similarity is actually minimal, but it was the first thing I thought of when I heard "Breakin Up." Maybe because the measured percussion and soulful vocals are vaguely reminiscent of "Bullet & A Target." Remember that song? Takes me back to the days of braces and mini Ipods. Sigh. Anyways, while Citizen Cope is trapped in the 2005 time capsule, The Palms are kickin and making great tunes. We previously reviewed "Push Off," and "Breakin Up" is a great second offering. Establishes their sound but brings something new to the table as well. Ben Rothbard's voice possesses a swagger and simultaneous vulnerability that makes the music really compelling. ALSO, that instrumental at the end is amazing. Makes the song I think.

Until next time Palms! xox, T4L

Flume - Say It (ft. Tove Lo)

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Tove Lo is becoming the Jennifer Lawrence of popular music. When I say this, I don't mean to imply that she is annoying AF**, but rather that she can be found everywhere. For instance, I finally convinced my co-worker to let me use his Spotify account (his password was TayTay89 btw), and within 5 minutes I was assaulted by this lady's vocals on every playlist. Duet with Coldplay? Check. Nick Jonas? Why not! While I could listen to Tove Lo sing on every track, this collab with Flume is T4L's favorite. "Say It" is a vibey, sultry winner. Tove Lo gets to show off a more laid-back vocal approach, and Flume brings his usual A-game. I want to comment that these lyrics are a little cray. Take for example: "You make me love the pain / Break my bed to make me wanna stay / I'll fuck you right back" Damn Africa. Toeing the line between sexy and scary but whatevs, I'm into it. Honestly shocked this isn't appearing on the 50 Shades sequel soundtrack. You missed a real opportunity Hollywood.

**the tide of my emotion has turned on J-Law. I'm sorry but I can't explain why. Crazier things have happened people. America once loved Anne Hathaway.

ELOHIM- Sensations

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Uh-huh, yahhh, yupp, into this. ELOHIM is back at it again with the white vans fem-pop anthems. The mysterious L.A. songstress still refuses to reveal her face, but honestly, she could look like Melisandre in her true form under that mammal mask and we would still love her. With it's textured synth hits, crystalline vocals, and sing-along-ready chorus, "Sensations"  is the ultimate banger for any bitch whose experienced even a second of that total & complete euphoria we all crave so badly. Y'know, being in love for the first time, having mind-blowing sex, eating chips & guac while sufficiently baked, blissful moments like that.

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker - Learning For Your Love

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This screenshot looks suspiciously like a Jeopardy answer, which led me to falsely believe for a few moments that Alex Trebek had trendy as shit taste in music. Imagine if America could scroll through Mr. Trebek's Ipod, and it was filled with A$AP Rocky and Yeasayer. I would die. Alas, in reality it is probably a collection of Barry Manilow, ABBA, and Cream, the Early Years. O well, just because he doesn't listen to Chet Faker doesn't mean we at T4L don't. In fact, this is the third cut off the Chet Faker/Marcus Marr album that we are blogging. #Swimfans. "Learning For Your Love" is what we have come to expect from these dudes: forlorn love lyrics, funky guitar riffs, and a steady beat runnin through it. We are obssessed, and if Mr. Faker doesn't play it when we see him in June we will erroneously give him a terrible show review. And he will be sad, because he definitely cares about our thoughts. A lot.

Girls Season 5 Music - Chrstine & the Queens, AURORA

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Even though Girls Season 5 has concluded, I am here to give you the music that soundtracked its most depressing moments. Sure, there were plenty of upbeat numbers, but everyone knows that the most affecting songs on a TV show usually accompany scenes of doom and gloom. Does anyone remember what was playing when Meredith and Derek (of Grey's Anatomy, in case you have been in a coma for the last decade) had fun, crazy sex for the first time? NO, you remember that Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol was stuck in your head for 3 years after it appeared in the Denny death scene. Long story short, the two songs below have wormed their way into my brain because of their positioning in melancholy episode endings, but also because they are dope.

Christine & the Queens -IT
Best tranny anthem this year. I mean this with the highest compliments. Her voice is haunting in a way that American vocals really can't be (she's French). Shout-out to the electric key riff right before the chorus.

AURORA - Life on Mars (David Bowie Cover)
I am ashamed to say I didn't know the original (I know, I am destined for music blogger hell), but this cover brought an unexpected delicacy to the table. The held note and subsequent crescendo of "sailoorrrrrsssss fighting in the dance hall" makes my arm hairs stand up straight.

Drake- One Dance (ft. WizKid & Kyla)

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Listen to the track here:

DAMN this track is infectious AF—Aubrey you dawwwwg you. All I want to do is salsa dance to this while styled like that sassy emoji in the red dress. The funny thing is that, as good as "One Dance" is, I'm not even sharing it here because of its musical finesse. Sure, the minimalistic production is refreshing, Drake's verses are slicker than Kenickie's hair, and Kyla's saccharine vocals are a lovely addition, but the best part about the whole track are the user comments on One Dance's official YouTube video. Idk who decided to start spamming the comments section with "Drake's the type of n***a" jokes, but whoever did is my idol. Scroll down for my personal faves:

"Drake the type of n***a to smack his own ass during sex"

"Drake the type of n***a to pick up the soap in the prison shower for someone"

"Drake, the type of n***a to eat his cookie slowly so it lasts longer"

To sum it up:
Anonymous Internet Users: 3 billion (and counting)
Drake: 0

Gold Spectacles- Even

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With summer is fast approaching (thank Gawwwwwd) the latest from our favorite London-based duo is the perfect addition to your "stoned pool party" playlist*. Immediately upon pressing play, it's one of those tracks that transports you're psyche elsewhere. It's ethereal & eccentric but the track definitely has a certain vintage groove to it as well.  It's the type of song that would soundtrack a disco club located in Wonderland. I imagine "Even" blaring over the crowd as The Mad Hatter does "The Hustle" and that Caterpillar mo'fo smokes DMT in the mens room. Ooooookay, so I think I'm definitely still just a little left-over blazed from the holiday yesterday, but I stand by my claim that "Even" is the perfect song choice for the scene I just described. I mean, the track employs the use of a glockenspiel, which, believe it or not, is a real thing. And if a song using that seemingly-mythical instrument isn't meant to be paired with Carroll-ian characters, no instrument is. And if you think of one, please feel free to prove me wrong.

No, Plankton, they don't. Lol, single-celled organism are so fucking stupid.

*oh am I the only one who has one of those on my Spotify?? #awk

Terror Jr. - 3 Strikes

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I was in the midst of composing a stupid joke about Terror Jr. being the child of ISIS (okay stupid was an understatement) when I read that this artist is rumored to be Kylie Jenner undercover. This is due to the fact that there is no trace of Terror Jr. on the internet, and yet "3 Strikes" is sound-tracking the youngest Jenner's*** lip-plumper commercial. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Honestly I hope this rumor is One-Hundo-P true, you guys. The only thing that would give me more joy would be finding out that Paris Hilton is moonlighting as half of Daft Punk. Anyways, regardless of the tru identity of Terror Jr., her debut track "3 Strikes" is delightful. Reminds me of Ellie Goulding, although the spliced-up vocals are giving us straight Kiiara vibes. And we love her!

***Literally I just found out that Kylie is the younger one. I feel like the dumbest person in America, but at the same time, how can I be blamed? When your biggest resume credits are owning a Ferrari and having more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers, it is hard for me to accept that you are younger than the sister that does wholesome modeling campaigns for Estee Lauder.

Júníus Meyvant- Neon Experience

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There's something so blissfully Jens-Lekman-meets-Mayer Hawthorne about this. It has the signature-Lekman air of ease flowing throughout but then also possesses the statement-making horns and velvety vocals of a Hawthorne original. This combination makes "Neon Experience" the ultimate laid-back-folk ditty. Honestly, if every song I encountered sounded like a Jens-Mayer hybrid, my life would simply be heavenly. Now that I think about it, if every man I encountered looked like a Jens-Mayer hybrid, my life would be fucking complete. Too bad I work in mid-town and live in Murray Hill so every guy I encounter is basically a frat-bro-turned-financial-planner: aka a 20-something dude trying to fit his Keystone-guzzling gut into a picnic blanket blouse J. Crew checkered button down. & to think that my roommates are confused about why I want to move to BK...

Cruel Youth- Diamond Days

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Remember back in February when I introduced you guys to Cruel Youth and told you to "meet your new musical obsession"? Yeah, well I hit the nail on the fucking head. No one-hit-wonder syndrome*  happening here. If their previous single, "Mr. Watson," wasn't a fantastic showcase of what Teddy Sinclair (formerly singing under the moniker "Natalia Kills") and Willy Moon are capable of, "Diamond Days" surely is. Sinclair's cathartic vocals glide effortlessly over her husband's atmospheric, dynamic production. My only complaint is that this song does have me feeling a little blue: first Florence told us the "dog days" were over and now Cruel Youth is letting us know the "diamond days" are done as well. Idk what either of those even mean, but it sounds depressing. Days filled with dogs and diamonds sound hella fun and I the fact that I missed out on both of them has me FOMO-ing hard.

* also known as Azealia Banks disease

Starley- Call On Me

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Honestly SHOCKED that the chorus of this song hasn't been featured in a Girls episode yet. It's urban, it's raw, and it preaches the mantra of yer friend being there when yah need her to be. Put those three traits together in television format and you basically have the plot to 85% of Girls episodes. While the Aussie-native starts off her new single coffeehouse-style with only an acoustic guitar and her soulful warblings, the song transforms at the chorus into a bumpin', islandy track. Production-wise, the drop sounds uncannily like the aural love-child of Mura Masa and DJ Snake. Considering that I listened to Mura Masa's 2k15 album for a month straight and that "Lean On" was the highlight of my entire 3-day Gov Ball experience last summer, it basically goes without saying that we're digging this track mucho.

LIVE! Review- Step Rockets EP Release (ft. George Clanton & Glassio)(Baby's 4/7/2016)

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Greetings Loons! Last Thursday, while the rest of the world was warming up for the weekend with margs and bad decisions, we journeyed to Brooklyn to see some of NYC's best (and weirdest) underground acts at Baby's All Right. See below for our notes, which may or may not make sense because we ran into a college acquaintance who bought us tequila shots #networking.


Kicking off the evening was Glassio, whose dynamic, indie-pop sound engrossed the room right from the first ambient synth hit. Although the crowd during the first couple tracks wasn't even large enough to meet the requirements for an NFL football team, by the time the BK-natives finished their second—and most popular—track, "Try Much Harder," the room was teeming with hipster Brooklynites* sipping on Modelo and bopping their heads along to the infectious beat.

Our favorite song of the night was probably "Today," which, when performed live, provided us with a new level of admiration for the slow-tempo ditty. Also of note were the vivid lighting effects Glassio brought to the table which were simultaneously an MDMA-enthusiast's dream and an epileptic's nightmare. Basically the take-away point from this performance is that these dudes KILLED it. And the fact that they're only 22 blows my freaking mind. When I was 22, I was doing stupid shit like splitting my new J. Brands up the ass while attempting a keg-stand and here these boys are churning out one electronically-tinged, indie track after another.

If yah missed Glassio at Baby's, no worries! You can check them out at Webster Hall on 4/27, where they'll be taking the stage along with Young Empires and Bear Mountain.

*is saying "hipster Brooklynites" redundant AF? #yes


The second act of the evening, George Clanton, was by far the friendliest. He shook our hand before he went on and thanked us for coming—never have I ever felt more like Kanye (my presence in a G.D. present, suckersssss). But also thank god we didn't ask him who he was.

Mr. Clanton's love of the audience continued as he came down from the stage to be among concert-goers during the first song . . . ambitious, but admirable. We were into his distorted vocals though. Quidget felt he sounded like an auto-tuned Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab). I felt he sounded like Active Child if he became a monk. Either way, those are pretty dope comparisons.

Other great things about this guy included his drum back-beats, especially during the second song. Super intricate. File next to: songs I want to watch the iTunes visualizer to. Does that feature even still exist? If not, please reinstate when this dude's EP drops, iTunes.

Overall, we loved Clanton's shimmery synths and his command of the audience. It takes major cajones to ask the crowd to "SING ALONG" to a song that has no words. To sum Clanton's vibes up in one sentence, this music could soundtrack a Scientologist rave, but in the best of ways. Buy his album here.


The main attraction, Step Rockets' energy when playing the new tunes off the Future Nature EP (out tomorrow, 4/15!) was contagious. Maybe it was the tequila, but most likely it was a combination of their dope stage decorations*** and their perfect pop vocals. Josh Von Mink (who by the way, has the name of a Gossip Girl character that never was) sounds like a combination of Cold War Kids without the sorrow, and Train. With their catchy guitars, we felt any of the songs could soundtrack a 2011 Target commercial.

And another note on the guitar—it was just the right amount of funk. Not funky in a 70s referential way—something too many indie acts are doing these days—more like funky in a fresh, fun, indie-pop way. Ending this review on a purely superficial note (cause we're WASPy, prep-school females, so that's kind of our M.O.): the bassist looks like he purposefully grew out his hair so he could rock out with it. Putting Hanson to shame, mad respect, homeboy.

***flowers on all the mic stands, and giant paper accordion bees. Like a Zyrtec commercial come to life! Or a trendy, rich girls' quincinera. But, like, potato, potAHto, I guess.

PUSHER - Clear (ft. Mothica)

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"Clear" is here to get you through this rainy Tuesday in April where it is 45 degrees, because what else do we have to hold on to when it's freezing in Spring but not even cold enough stop Zika!! (or Donald Trump for that matter). Ugh. Moving on, this down-tempo trap ditty is a delightful first cut off PUSHER's upcoming EP. It's got percussive synths, a snappy drum effect, and sweet vocals. Plus, there are some seemingly dark lyrics about a commitment-phobe. Definitely some depth to those lyrics, but since I am not a person of depth, all I wanna ask is...did you guys write this song about the frustrations of fly-aways? Exhibit A: "You can try and smooth me down / But I'm not ready to fall again" It's like, no matter what I do, those crazy baby hairs give me the appearance of someone recently electrocuted. Not even John Frieda can charm those bitches. PUSHER knows my struggle!

P.S Mothica, I am confused by your name. Ultimately it sounds like how Penelope Cruz might pronounce Monica. You still have the voice of an angel tho.


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In typical T4L fashion, this interview is long overdue. Let's just say that if this interview were a pop culture reference, it would be Jerry Seinfeld's controversial "Tropics of Cancer" book. For all you 55-going-on-21-year-olds out there, that reference was for you. For everyone else, sorry, but we already got your page-view so you're basically of no use to us anymore #byeFelicia. But instead leaving tunes4loons to waste your time looking at Buzzfeed blow-up a watermelon, or researching your eye-twitch on WebMD, stay here for a while more and read our interview with the lovely, ambient-pop singer, IYVES. She's cool, she's talented, and she rocks the perfectly-coiffed, curly-haired mane like Grace Coddington wishes she could:

T4L: I guess the first question would be: have you always been musical growing up? Is your family musical? How did you get into this as a career?
IYVES: I was always really affected by music. I have this very early memory of my dad bring home this wind-up toy my grandpa gave him that played "Memories" from the show Cats. And I would just sob to it. It's crazy what music does for musicians, non-musicians, whoever. My parents aren't musicians, but they obviously really love music and brought that into our house. It was a big part of my upbringing—music was always on. And then I started taking voice lessons when I was about 7 or 8 and from there it kind of snowballed.

T4L: So when did you decide that you were going to make this your career?
IYVES: I knew in middle-school and high school that music was where my passion was. There was nothing I felt quite the same way doing. Then the summer after my junior year I went to camp for 5 weeks at Berkeley. I was so scared to do it, but it ended up being one of the best summers of my life. It just confirmed this is what I need to be doing.

Then after college I moved to New York and one of my friends, Luca, was my producer for like two years her. He took me into the realm of music that I wanted to be making because I think, first and foremost, I'm a soul, R&B singer. But I don't want to necessarily be pigeon-holed into that genre. There are so many other influences I have. I love indie, and electronic, and folk. So being able to kind of create my own universe of what that is was what I wanted. And he [Luca] is an extremely talented guy and was able to help me get there. And up to the present, I'm now working with another producer. It's kind of just this constant evolution. 

T4L: How did you come up with your stage name?
IYVES:  I was just tossing around a bunch of different names. And I was looking at more two-word combinations and "IYVES" always was one of them. And then my manager at the time was just like "why don't you just go by IYVES? I feel like it's a very goddess-y, powerful name." And I was like yeah, it's kind of cool.

T4L: What's your songwriting process like?
IYVES: I do a lot of collaborations. A lot of my producers have ended up being my co-writers. I do sit down and write music alone. I come up with a melody first and then with the lyrics it's a little harder for me. But the melodies, I am constantly coming up with. I have a million voice memos of things I think of. But I do enjoy collaborating. If I find a songwriter I can really click with, I really like a collaborative process.

T4L: When you think of song concepts, do you draw from an experience or do you take a theme that you want to explore and work through it that way?
IYVES: A lot of it, in the past, has been thematic, yet sort of autobiographical. But, as of recently, I'm like, "I need to dig deeper, and I need to get personal here." So I'm drawing from personal experience—pain, happiness, everything in between. I just think that's going to cut through and really make my music go to the next level.

T4L: How often do you write? Do you ever encounter writer's block and, if so, how do you deal with it?
IYVES: I find that if I'm writing in a timeline, like I have specific dates for recording sessions, I can write well. But I'm not someone who just sits and writes all the time. There are periods of my life where I do write and then there are periods of my life where I feel completely uncreative and I have to wait for that spark again. It's a cycle.

T4L: Obviously both are important, but, first and foremost, would you consider yourself a performer or a songwriter?
IYVES: For a while I would have said a performer. I was definitely more heavily performing than songwriter at one point in my life. But now that I'm spending most of the days of the week honing my craft and writing, that has become such a place for me right now: working on songs, writing, recording, etc. Songwriting definitely feels just as much of a part of me now [as performing does].

T4L: Since the time you started writing music, do you feel like your style has evolved a lot? It sounds like it has.
IVYES: It has. And I wouldn't say I feel like I'm falling into something I'd never be into, it was just figuring out how to get there. There's a quote by Ira Glass about as artists, we all have this great taste, but actually being able to make something and create is so hard. You're very critical of your own work because you know it's not quite there yet. I'm extremely critical of myself and have my own struggles of being overly critical and not letting art just be art. I definitely feel that the style I'm coming into is becoming more and more authentic.

Then we get our food. The audio is just a gaggle of ooooo's and an appreciative
"damn"—as if a sexy man walk by and we were the overly-giddy chorus of a '50's-set Broadway musical. But, no. This was just our Jewish brunch coming. Well, IVYES 

and Balderstons' Jewish brunch, and my burger #'murica.

T4L: We wanna ask about influences: who were some artists your parents loved and introduced you to and, growing up, who did you discover on your own? And then, currently, who are you drawn to and passion about?
IYVES: A big memory of mine is driving with my parents to go skiiing, and my Dad always had the Beatles on in the car. He's definitely a classic-rock guy since he's a child of the late-'50's-60's. And I come from a Jewish family but my mom, every Sunday, would have gospel music playing. She loves soul and blues. 

T4L: Gospel music is like... amazing (we are so basic and white, S-M-H)
IYVES: I always wanted to be in a gospel choir! I just really have always loved soul, from an early age I have always gravitated towards that.  The first song I wanted to sing with the first voice teacher I ever had was "Natural Woman," and she wouldn't let me sing it because I was like 8 years old. So I found another voice teacher. Then moving into other realms [of influences]: anything indie-rock, and currently I'm into James Blake. He took soul music into a whole new place and I really like music that comes out of the U.K. They're just ahead of the game.

T4L: Okay, so, James Blake, who else are you listening to right? 
IYVES: I hop around so much lately, I feel very ADD and I don't like that. I like getting really into an artist. I love Radiohead. So much. I really love Lianne La Havas, Jessie Ware. I've been really trying to go back to true vocalists. I got really deep into the world of cool sound-scaping music and I want to pull back and go back to the root of why I started making music and go back to really vocal-forward music. Not being so much a sound, but a voice.

T4L: What's next for you? Do you have any specific goals for the new year?
IYVES: Yeah, I definitely do. I'm working with this new producer right now who I'm really excited about because I think he really hears my voice and also understands where I want to be as an artist. So we're working on a new batch of music that I think will be really exciting for people because they're going to finally hear my voice. So we're working on this new EP, which I hope to get out in spring / summer. Then from there, touring would be ideal and, eventually, playing festivals.

T4L: Social Media. Are you into it or not? Do you think it's a helpful tool for artists or a hinderance to deal with?
IYVES: I definitely think it's a positive thing because you can communicate with so many more people and let people get to know you. And yes, these are all very superficial things. But I love, personally, just taking photos, so Instagram's fun for me as a person. 

T4L: If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you play?
IYVES: This is kind of a boring answer, but there's a venue in Colorado called "Red Rocks" and it's the most magical venue I've ever been to. You can't see a bad show there, you can't. And if I could perform there I would be so happy. Artists all the time are on stage and they're just like "this is definitely the best venue I've ever been to." So you see it happen to artists all the time, it's a magical experience for them, so that's probably where I would chose.

T4L: Favorite show you've seen this year?
IYVES: I saw Jose Gonzalez. I love his music but I thought the concert was gonna be pretty chill and low-key. But it was unbelievable.

T4L: Dream collab?
IYVES: I would love to collaborate with SBTRKT. And be a featured artist on one of their albums or them on mine. I feel like that circle of people has a lot of male influences, Samba, is one of them for example. 
T4L: Jessie Ware!
IYVES: Yes, Jessie Ware is in that crew too! And I feel like they need room for another girl in there. So anyone in that realm.
T4L: Jamie xx?
IYVES: YES! I loved his most recent album. So yeah, as far as collaboration goes, anyone with like soul, electronic, UK vibes. 

T4L: If you could be trapped on a desert island with any other artist, who would it be?
IYVES: I'm definitely going back in time. Maybe John Lennon. Definitely one of the Beatles. I'll take any of them. I just think the Beatles story is unbelievable and the synergy and the music. . . Just everything. 

T4L: Favorite Beatles song? 
IYVES: I can't tell you a definitive favorite, but one I'm really intrigued by right now is "Because." I would love to cover it or do something with it. It's not necessarily my favorite of all time, but right now I'm into it.

T4L: If you could follow one band around the country who would it be?
IYVES: One band?
T4L: Yeah, like an almost famous type scenario. If you could be the Penny Lane to any band, who would it be?
IYVES: Hmm, I'm trying to thing who I wouldn't get sick of. Maybe if Radiohead was doing they're thing, that would be cool. Coldplay, or Bon Iver. I'm trying to think of music that makes me really feel, no matter what.


(Note that right when we started this section of questioning, 'Take On Me" started blaring in the rustic, Jewish eatery. Odd choice of music from 

Tevye and Golde, but much appreciated, as the pump-up 80's synth was 

the purrrfect soundtrack for "Would You Rather")

T4L:Wear oven mitts for a year or ski boots?
IYVES: For a year? Oven mitts sound warm, especially here, so I'll go with that.
T4L: But think about texting!?!? (the epitome of a millennial reaction)
IYVES: But you can just talk. Siri's got me, she's my girl. Ski boots... are terrible. I can't walk in that shit.

T4L: Own an elephant-sized puppy or a puppy-sized elephant?
IYVES: Puppy-sized elephant, that sounds so cute.

T4L: Have a time machine that only goes back in time or a time machine that only goes forward in time?
IYVES: I guess back in time. Just because since we already know our history, it would be interesting to actually see it for what it is. Whereas the future, we'll get there when we get there. 

T4L: Live in the house of your dreams but it doesn't have internet, or live where you are forever?
IYVES: House of my dreams. I'll go to a[n internet] café. 

T4L: Be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early for everything?
IYVES: Well girls, today was a very prime example of my bad habit. I'm really bad at being on time. Really bad. So definitely 20 minutes early for everything. 

T4L: Be the famous author of Twilight, or the famous author every Nickelback song?
IYVES: Twilight.
T4L: Everyone's said Twilight.
IYVES: That's cause Twilight is actually, like, a piece of work kind of. Nickelback is questionable.


4/12/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Literally anyone can be a DJ these days—a former ANTM contestant, someone from the 2002 Oscar-snubbed film Crossroads, a Westerosi giant with a limited vocabulary, the list goes on and on. All I can say is S-M-H. Literally all one needs nowadays is a computer and a pinch of self-delusion and they think they're going to go from being essentially unknown to emerging as the next ZHU or Mura Masa. As a result, it's very hard to even press play on a track produced by a DJ whose name you don't already know. I mean, we are millennials, ergo most of us have the attention span of a learning-disabled mosquito and act as judgmental as a Mommy-&-Me clique. The point behind this whole angsty rant about the current state of our society: zZz is one of those tracks that makes sorting through all the shitty DJ tracks out there worth it. It's experimental, it's contemporary, but it also has an element of mass-appeal. It's like a female-fronted version of "Sleep Anthem," and we allllll know how obsessed I was with that last August. So press play, folks, or forever be on our shit list, right below Donald Trump and right above people who change their profile picture too often.

Bryce Fox- Horns

4/07/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Thought this was gonna be an electronically-tinged, brassy banger tbh. With the track's name, I was thinking something along the lines of Jason Derulo's "Trumpets." Thank GOD I was mistaken, this alternative ditty is much, much better. It's kind of like Raury mixed with AC/DC? With just a touch of Hozier thrown in there. Like gritty soul mixed with acid rock. It's one of those songs that makes you feel like wayyyyyy more of a bad-ass than you actually are. I hear those stomping drums in the first bars of "Horns" and I just want to jump on my Harley and cruise down the PCH highway with the wind in my hair. Aaaand then I remember that I don't own a Harley nor do I live in Cali so I can't do either of those things. I guess I will have to settle on riding a Citibike down the FDR, that's basically the same, right?

Bleached - Sour Candy

4/07/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Although the opening bars of this song strongly resemble a Simple Plan song,*** if you wait about 10 seconds more you will be treated to punk princess vocals instead of the whiny voice from "I'm Just a Kid." I LOVE this song. It makes me feel nostalgic for a childhood I never even had. There's mentions of driving around, drinking cheap whiskey, and picking flowers on LSD. In case anyone is wondering, I was a lifeguard who read Harry Potter in the off-hours. In spite of this fact, I still feel wistfulness in my bones when I listen. That could be the weed cookie I ate, but it could also be a testament to the power of "Sour Candy". I think it is the punk guitars coupled with the retrospective lyrics. They tell a story!! "never really was the talking type / till I stumbled on some crazy nights / what in the hell was I thinking when I said hello " Now, that's a movie I want to watch. Starring Brie Larson and Miles Teller. Also at it's core, "Sour Candy" just has killer pop hooks. What more do you need?

P.s You guys look like indie Charlie's Angels. #wheresBosley

***which actually adds a lot of cred to Simple Plan if you ask me. I knew they were unsung heroes of the early 2000s.

*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers- Inside Out (ft. Charlee)

4/06/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Aaaaaand the best submission e-mail of all time officially goes to our homeboys, The Chainsmokers. I can't even articulate how amusing (and confusing) this DJing-duo's message was to us about their latest track. My initial reaction to their sporadic, comically-overloaded e-mail was that cocaine is one HELL of a drug. No, but really, my mind is mo' def in gutter and their excessive hilarity is probably just a result of the sleep deprivation their under due to their MASSIVE amounts of success (can't relate lol).

Verring back to "Inside Out," I can't decided if I'm into this cover art of not. It reminds me of an illustration from an "A Series of Unfortunate Events" cover, yah know? But Snickety cover art and amazing submission e-mail aside, The Chainsmokers continue to be at the top of their production game. I've had this mellow, electronic banger on repeat all day now. And, as always, A++ collaboration choice. Loving this Charlee girl. She gives me SALES vibes. I think that's due to that combination of that Spanish-style guitar and her ethereal, whine-tinged warbling happening here. All I know is, I digggg.

Elephant Stone - Andromeda

4/04/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Behold, the stoned cousin of Tame Impala. Actually Elephant Stone came out before those Aussie hit-maters, so really I should say T.I is a hyped up Elephant Stone. I digress. Regardless of discussing this band's indie longevity, I am here to declare by love for "Andromeda," their bangin new single. Listening to it makes me want to light incense and smoke a Willie Nelson amount of marijuana. The laid-back vibes would also lend SO well to a movie soundtrack. Perhaps a 70s period piece in which the protagonist drops acid for the first time. Or Vinyl. If "Andromeda" played in that show, I would def listen to the full sample before switching back to DAMAGES Season 2.***

***I tried to like Vinyl guys! I even tried to talk myself into liking it, but alas. No amount of cool Olivia Wilde outfits will make that show watchable.

Big Wild - Aftergold (ft. Tove Styrke)

4/04/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Big Wild and Tove Styrke team up to give us a jangly anthem about the horrors of getting married. At least, that's what I think is going on. I'm too distracted by the chill AF wind chimes that permeate this entire track. That's right, wind chimes. I cannot think of anyone else giving the humble wind chime its rightfully deserved time to shine, so I bow down to that. The wind chime is like the Luna Lovegood of musical instruments: a little weird and hard to follow, but ultimately delightful and great to have in your entourage. Back to the lyrical goodness, I'm loving the thoughts on tying the knot. Such as, "20 karat ball and chain...news flash it ain't worth the pain." Damn right girl.