Elephant Stone - Andromeda

4/04/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Behold, the stoned cousin of Tame Impala. Actually Elephant Stone came out before those Aussie hit-maters, so really I should say T.I is a hyped up Elephant Stone. I digress. Regardless of discussing this band's indie longevity, I am here to declare by love for "Andromeda," their bangin new single. Listening to it makes me want to light incense and smoke a Willie Nelson amount of marijuana. The laid-back vibes would also lend SO well to a movie soundtrack. Perhaps a 70s period piece in which the protagonist drops acid for the first time. Or Vinyl. If "Andromeda" played in that show, I would def listen to the full sample before switching back to DAMAGES Season 2.***

***I tried to like Vinyl guys! I even tried to talk myself into liking it, but alas. No amount of cool Olivia Wilde outfits will make that show watchable.