Cruel Youth- Diamond Days

4/15/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Remember back in February when I introduced you guys to Cruel Youth and told you to "meet your new musical obsession"? Yeah, well I hit the nail on the fucking head. No one-hit-wonder syndrome*  happening here. If their previous single, "Mr. Watson," wasn't a fantastic showcase of what Teddy Sinclair (formerly singing under the moniker "Natalia Kills") and Willy Moon are capable of, "Diamond Days" surely is. Sinclair's cathartic vocals glide effortlessly over her husband's atmospheric, dynamic production. My only complaint is that this song does have me feeling a little blue: first Florence told us the "dog days" were over and now Cruel Youth is letting us know the "diamond days" are done as well. Idk what either of those even mean, but it sounds depressing. Days filled with dogs and diamonds sound hella fun and I the fact that I missed out on both of them has me FOMO-ing hard.

* also known as Azealia Banks disease