Drake- One Dance (ft. WizKid & Kyla)

4/25/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Listen to the track here:

DAMN this track is infectious AF—Aubrey you dawwwwg you. All I want to do is salsa dance to this while styled like that sassy emoji in the red dress. The funny thing is that, as good as "One Dance" is, I'm not even sharing it here because of its musical finesse. Sure, the minimalistic production is refreshing, Drake's verses are slicker than Kenickie's hair, and Kyla's saccharine vocals are a lovely addition, but the best part about the whole track are the user comments on One Dance's official YouTube video. Idk who decided to start spamming the comments section with "Drake's the type of n***a" jokes, but whoever did is my idol. Scroll down for my personal faves:

"Drake the type of n***a to smack his own ass during sex"

"Drake the type of n***a to pick up the soap in the prison shower for someone"

"Drake, the type of n***a to eat his cookie slowly so it lasts longer"

To sum it up:
Anonymous Internet Users: 3 billion (and counting)
Drake: 0