Flume - Say It (ft. Tove Lo)

4/27/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Tove Lo is becoming the Jennifer Lawrence of popular music. When I say this, I don't mean to imply that she is annoying AF**, but rather that she can be found everywhere. For instance, I finally convinced my co-worker to let me use his Spotify account (his password was TayTay89 btw), and within 5 minutes I was assaulted by this lady's vocals on every playlist. Duet with Coldplay? Check. Nick Jonas? Why not! While I could listen to Tove Lo sing on every track, this collab with Flume is T4L's favorite. "Say It" is a vibey, sultry winner. Tove Lo gets to show off a more laid-back vocal approach, and Flume brings his usual A-game. I want to comment that these lyrics are a little cray. Take for example: "You make me love the pain / Break my bed to make me wanna stay / I'll fuck you right back" Damn Africa. Toeing the line between sexy and scary but whatevs, I'm into it. Honestly shocked this isn't appearing on the 50 Shades sequel soundtrack. You missed a real opportunity Hollywood.

**the tide of my emotion has turned on J-Law. I'm sorry but I can't explain why. Crazier things have happened people. America once loved Anne Hathaway.