Kai Straw- Don't Tread On Me

4/28/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I hundo-P thought the cover art for this was going to be some horribly-photoshopped version of the Gadsden flag (aka the second most popular wall-art that freshmen boys hang to seem cool*). But a back alley where (I assume) multiple homeless people try to park their rape vans works as cover art too, I guess. Mostly though, when a song is this infectious, IDGAF about the visuals matched with it. As soon as "Don't Tread on Me" flows through my earbuds, I end up closing my eyes and losing myself to the overwhelming amount of soul, funk, and 'tude happening here. So the album art is a moot point (or if you're Joey Tribbiani, a moo point). What has really kept me pressing repeat on this song all day long is Straw's swoon-worthy vocals. The San-Fran native's voice manages to go from falsetto to raspy to honeyed to harmonic all while spitting some all-too-relatable lyrics.

*the first is John Belushi from Animal House and the third is any variation of Bob Marley's smiling face splashed over Jamaica's national colors #leDUH. You know what's cool though, young collegiates? Actual fucking art. Just a suggestion.