LIVE! Review- Step Rockets EP Release (ft. George Clanton & Glassio)(Baby's 4/7/2016)

4/14/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Greetings Loons! Last Thursday, while the rest of the world was warming up for the weekend with margs and bad decisions, we journeyed to Brooklyn to see some of NYC's best (and weirdest) underground acts at Baby's All Right. See below for our notes, which may or may not make sense because we ran into a college acquaintance who bought us tequila shots #networking.


Kicking off the evening was Glassio, whose dynamic, indie-pop sound engrossed the room right from the first ambient synth hit. Although the crowd during the first couple tracks wasn't even large enough to meet the requirements for an NFL football team, by the time the BK-natives finished their second—and most popular—track, "Try Much Harder," the room was teeming with hipster Brooklynites* sipping on Modelo and bopping their heads along to the infectious beat.

Our favorite song of the night was probably "Today," which, when performed live, provided us with a new level of admiration for the slow-tempo ditty. Also of note were the vivid lighting effects Glassio brought to the table which were simultaneously an MDMA-enthusiast's dream and an epileptic's nightmare. Basically the take-away point from this performance is that these dudes KILLED it. And the fact that they're only 22 blows my freaking mind. When I was 22, I was doing stupid shit like splitting my new J. Brands up the ass while attempting a keg-stand and here these boys are churning out one electronically-tinged, indie track after another.

If yah missed Glassio at Baby's, no worries! You can check them out at Webster Hall on 4/27, where they'll be taking the stage along with Young Empires and Bear Mountain.

*is saying "hipster Brooklynites" redundant AF? #yes


The second act of the evening, George Clanton, was by far the friendliest. He shook our hand before he went on and thanked us for coming—never have I ever felt more like Kanye (my presence in a G.D. present, suckersssss). But also thank god we didn't ask him who he was.

Mr. Clanton's love of the audience continued as he came down from the stage to be among concert-goers during the first song . . . ambitious, but admirable. We were into his distorted vocals though. Quidget felt he sounded like an auto-tuned Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab). I felt he sounded like Active Child if he became a monk. Either way, those are pretty dope comparisons.

Other great things about this guy included his drum back-beats, especially during the second song. Super intricate. File next to: songs I want to watch the iTunes visualizer to. Does that feature even still exist? If not, please reinstate when this dude's EP drops, iTunes.

Overall, we loved Clanton's shimmery synths and his command of the audience. It takes major cajones to ask the crowd to "SING ALONG" to a song that has no words. To sum Clanton's vibes up in one sentence, this music could soundtrack a Scientologist rave, but in the best of ways. Buy his album here.


The main attraction, Step Rockets' energy when playing the new tunes off the Future Nature EP (out tomorrow, 4/15!) was contagious. Maybe it was the tequila, but most likely it was a combination of their dope stage decorations*** and their perfect pop vocals. Josh Von Mink (who by the way, has the name of a Gossip Girl character that never was) sounds like a combination of Cold War Kids without the sorrow, and Train. With their catchy guitars, we felt any of the songs could soundtrack a 2011 Target commercial.

And another note on the guitar—it was just the right amount of funk. Not funky in a 70s referential way—something too many indie acts are doing these days—more like funky in a fresh, fun, indie-pop way. Ending this review on a purely superficial note (cause we're WASPy, prep-school females, so that's kind of our M.O.): the bassist looks like he purposefully grew out his hair so he could rock out with it. Putting Hanson to shame, mad respect, homeboy.

***flowers on all the mic stands, and giant paper accordion bees. Like a Zyrtec commercial come to life! Or a trendy, rich girls' quincinera. But, like, potato, potAHto, I guess.