Marcus Marr & Chet Faker - Learning For Your Love

4/25/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This screenshot looks suspiciously like a Jeopardy answer, which led me to falsely believe for a few moments that Alex Trebek had trendy as shit taste in music. Imagine if America could scroll through Mr. Trebek's Ipod, and it was filled with A$AP Rocky and Yeasayer. I would die. Alas, in reality it is probably a collection of Barry Manilow, ABBA, and Cream, the Early Years. O well, just because he doesn't listen to Chet Faker doesn't mean we at T4L don't. In fact, this is the third cut off the Chet Faker/Marcus Marr album that we are blogging. #Swimfans. "Learning For Your Love" is what we have come to expect from these dudes: forlorn love lyrics, funky guitar riffs, and a steady beat runnin through it. We are obssessed, and if Mr. Faker doesn't play it when we see him in June we will erroneously give him a terrible show review. And he will be sad, because he definitely cares about our thoughts. A lot.