*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers- Inside Out (ft. Charlee)

4/06/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Aaaaaand the best submission e-mail of all time officially goes to our homeboys, The Chainsmokers. I can't even articulate how amusing (and confusing) this DJing-duo's message was to us about their latest track. My initial reaction to their sporadic, comically-overloaded e-mail was that cocaine is one HELL of a drug. No, but really, my mind is mo' def in gutter and their excessive hilarity is probably just a result of the sleep deprivation their under due to their MASSIVE amounts of success (can't relate lol).

Verring back to "Inside Out," I can't decided if I'm into this cover art of not. It reminds me of an illustration from an "A Series of Unfortunate Events" cover, yah know? But Snickety cover art and amazing submission e-mail aside, The Chainsmokers continue to be at the top of their production game. I've had this mellow, electronic banger on repeat all day now. And, as always, A++ collaboration choice. Loving this Charlee girl. She gives me SALES vibes. I think that's due to that combination of that Spanish-style guitar and her ethereal, whine-tinged warbling happening here. All I know is, I digggg.