Starley- Call On Me

4/15/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Honestly SHOCKED that the chorus of this song hasn't been featured in a Girls episode yet. It's urban, it's raw, and it preaches the mantra of yer friend being there when yah need her to be. Put those three traits together in television format and you basically have the plot to 85% of Girls episodes. While the Aussie-native starts off her new single coffeehouse-style with only an acoustic guitar and her soulful warblings, the song transforms at the chorus into a bumpin', islandy track. Production-wise, the drop sounds uncannily like the aural love-child of Mura Masa and DJ Snake. Considering that I listened to Mura Masa's 2k15 album for a month straight and that "Lean On" was the highlight of my entire 3-day Gov Ball experience last summer, it basically goes without saying that we're digging this track mucho.