KACIA- Bonds

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First off, 10 points to Gryffindor for those 'fits, KACIA! Srsly, you're rocking the 80's look like you're the stars of a Mick Jagger video—I dig. Plz tell me which Goodwill you found those at, because I simply don't have that Macklemore-level of luck at thrift stores that you guys clearly possess. All I ever find are overly-shapeless jean capris and baby pink Von Dutch hats... um, no thank you.

Veering back to the point of this post, this song rocks y'all! It's the quintessential pop anthem that you need in your life pronto. Beneath a sugary swirl of shimmering synth and saccharine vocals you'll find an addictive, uplifting drum pattern which really elevates the track above all the other pop-laced, female-fronted songs out there. "Bonds" sound is reminiscent of Robyn's "Body Talks," and if that statement doesn't have you clicking play, ur dead to me. Robyn is a Nordic KWEEN. Like Elsa from Frozen, but with more than just one smash hit.

Cobi- Darker Than Dawn

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OoOoOoOo this is exactly the type of soulful, bluesy song that I want to soundtrack my hump day. Everything here works from those gospel-tinged harmonies to that oh-too-addictive, distorted brass. Vocally, this dude sounds kind of like Matt McCorby meets Hozier. (And you know you're really doing something right if you sound like the love child of an Australian troubadour and an Irish crooner, amiright?) Anyway you look at it, I see major things to come from this LA-lad. I mean, he's got the voice of an angel and the looks of a mid-2000's Calvin Klein model so I'm pretty sure he'll be ay-fucking-okay in life.

Gavin Turek - On the Line

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I read an interview with Gavin Turek where she recounted having to commute 2 hours everyday to high school because she lived in the middle of nowhere. She woke up at 4 AM and rode planes, trains, and automobiles to get to frickin geometry class. So basically she was the Laura Ingalls Wilder of southern California. If Laura Ingalls Wilder also moonlighted as the Queen of Disco, because this lady knows her way around smooth vocals and some big hair. "On The Line" is her newest single, and it makes me wanna bust out dance moves similar to Kristen Wiig's lesser known SNL character
Triangle Sally. And also wear a beret, because there's something mildly French about this? Or maybe I'm crazy, and this song is as French as Paris Hilton. Regardless, we love it.

FYFE- Stronger

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STAWWWP staring so aggressively into my soul, FYFE! Srsly, that is a Kendall-Jenner-level of intensity leering from those chestnut irises.

Considering his history of producing amazing, fresh covers, I was kind of hoping "Stronger" would be some down-tempo, indie retake of B.Spear's 2k00 banger. The disappointment of it not being an ode to our favorite 00's-shit-show was immediately erased, however, as this smooth, atmospheric ditty flowed through my earbuds. FYFE's flawless falsetto blows me away here, as it seems to do in every track this British-crooner releases. And those intermittent LA-LAs!—so summery, so basic, ssssso hot RN. Definitely gunna have this one on repeat for a while.


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The indie-music blogosphere has been going batshit-crazy about the fact that this girl is the daughter of the "Vietnamese Tina Turner"............ SMH. Literally, I don't even know what that means.  And when I try google searching "Vietnamese Tina Turner" the only music-related finding that pops up is a video of Beyonce singing a Tina Turner tribute (cause I guess you can't go anywhere on the internet these days without Queen Bey making an appearance #thebeygencyisREAL).

Overall, though, who fucking cares where this girl came from or if she is technically the "female, Vietnamese Ronnie Turner"? All I care about now is that I have TRACE's chill-wave indie ditty in my life (and my eardrums) foreverrrrr. My favorite element of "Low" are the layered synth patterns happening here—A truly delightful swirl of jittery and ambient sounds. And the singsongy chorus is pure, auditory bliss. With it's soft-spoken and whimsical, yet at the same time commanding, vocals, the track kind of reminds me of SALES, just a little less avian-esque #weirdbuttrue.

Blair- Five Past Ten

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There's a certain kind of song that is so high-energy and infectious that merely hearing it on record makes you want to see the band perform a whole set live. "Dance" by Rebecca & Fiona is one, and "Five Past Ten" is another. With it's 80's jiving drumbeat, melodic guitar riffs, and Killers-esque vocals, this song can only be described as electric. Not necessarily in sound, but in feeling. Also it's subject matter happens to be my favorite time of day! 10:05 is usually that time in the night where you have the perfect buzz going on—Not so close to black-out status that you start an overly-invasive conversation with your Uber driver, but drunk enough that you're feeling yourself (& your 'fit) mucho. Fuck 5 o'clock, five past ten is the real happy hour, amiriiiiight?

Annabel Jones- Happy

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With it's repetitious refrain of "tell me something happy / don't make me sad," I feel like this could be the theme song to a "Debbie Downer" feature film... something I'm totally down for by the way, NBC, git on that PRONTO. It's time for Rachel Dratch to have the Tina Fey / Amy Poehler trajectory she fucking deserves.

Back 2 AJ: "Happy" sounds like a Regina Spector song mashed-up with a Nintendo game soundtrack. And I feel like that combo could easily go horrible awry, so props to Annabel for mixing those two vastly-different-genres so seamlessly. Considering I've had Ms. Jones' previous single, "IOU," on repeat since it dropped in February, it's honestly no surprise her latest single is just as addictive. It's the epitome of "dark pop," sounding eerie yet uplifting all at once. I'm really bummed the British songstress isn't on the festival circuit this year tbh. She truly amazes us with her Siren-eqsue warblings and refreshing production choices in every song she releases.

LIVE! Review: Twin Wave (w/ special guests Ula Ruth & Surf Rock Is Dead)(Baby's 4/15/2016)

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We are so late with this post, it is basically akin to if the Groundhog didn't show his face until May 9th. Like, Spring is here Phil, no one gives a fuck about your opinion on the longevity of winter. But hopefully people still care about what we have to say about the Baby's All Right line-up on April 15th, because it was v complimentary. Well, almost all of it... Thanks to the Wild Honey Pie for having us out! Notes below.

***ULA RUTH***

Before the band took the stage, I literally thought "Ula Ruth" was a pop act. Like some 21-year-old girl dressed in neoprene and singing songs about Instagram. Needless to say I was super relieved when these guys took the stage. With their thumping drums and laid-back demeanor, Ula Ruth started off the night perfectly. Although the crowd was not overwhelming in number, it definitely possessed the spirit of a perky cheerleading squad. Of note was the Hawaiian-shirt-wearing mo' fo' in the front who was vibing so hard that at one point his glasses literally were catapulted from his head. Let's just say, he possessed more enthusiasm than a drunk grandmother has for the Hava Nagila at a bar mitzvah. Apparently he calls himself "the roadie," I call him "the hipster Ace Ventura."

Lead singer Nic James sounded kind of like Rob Thomas meets Rooney, with a little bit of All-American Rejects thrown in there. It's the type of vocals that would sound amaaaazing on a country song—his voice managed to sound honeyed yet gritty all at the same time. Too bad there's no country scene to be found in BK, but James' voice fronts throwback-surf-rock-indie tunes rul well too. Equaling as compelling as the vocals were the lyrics—so raw and emotional that my only thought was "woOoah, what girl shattered this guys heart into a million, trillion pieces?" I mean, whatever, joke's on her cause he's getting some good material from their breakup. He's like the Adele of Williamsburg. Whereas all she probably got from their split was an addiction to Ben & Jerry's and some cellulite.

Highlights of the set included "Young and Restless," a cover of "With Or Without You," and "Love," which ended with the chillest guitar solo I've ever witnessed. Although aurally it was an explosion of electricity and intensity, the dude playing it looked so calm, cool, and collected that he either has a lot talented or a lot of valium backstage. Either way, I'll have what he's having.

The most baffling part of the performance was the band's final number. While during the intro I thought they were about to break into a cover of "Bootylicious," Balderston thought we were about to be serenaded with a surf-rock version of "Edge of Seventeen"... It ended up being neither. Why people invite us to review their shows we still don't really know.


Having seen Surf Rock is Dead at a scarcely-populated Mercury Lounge show a couple months back, I was pleasantly surprised at how successful the band was at commanding a larger audience. The styling and attitude of the members was so relaxed and sunshine-casual that it made me feel completely at ease as soon as they took the stage (and considering I am constantly living in an anxiety-ridden state of monachopsis, it's hard to make me feel relaxed without the influence of a glass—ok, fine, a bottle—of wine).

While the harmonies were, as the kids say, #onfleek, the best moments came when the band stepped back from their mics to simply jam out and dance around. Their love of their own music was so infectious that it made me want to grab my guitar and git on up there. Too bad I've only been playing for a month and a half so the only thing I would have been able to contribute musically was a really janky version of Coldplay's "The Scientist."

With all the shimmery electric guitar and quintessential surf-rock vibes happen here, I couldn't help but think this was Seth Cohen's dream gig. The high-point of the set was definitely "Anymore," the low-point was definitely... the crowd. While most of the audience chose to flirt with their significant others instead of shutting DA FUQ up and listening to the music, the addictive sound oozing from the stage still completely captivated those people sensible enough to resist their throbbing libidos.

Lastly I just need to stress how incredibly talented these boys were. The drummer and the guitarist absolutely slayed every track, performing with the gusto and energy of a sugar-laced seven-year-old. And the lead singer managed to belt his heart out all while keeping up a thumping, consistent bass-line. I know that sounds like it would be easy, but it's not. It's basically the equivalent of trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.


By the time Twin Wave took the stage, Baby's was fucking bumping. People were jumping around with the enthusiasm of a drunk frat bro who hears the opening notes of "Ants Marching" at a DMB concert. I hadn't seen the place this full since I saw The Knocks back in January. They definitely continued the surf-rock theme happening throughout the night but their sound had a little more pep. Like the music to an 80's pump-up montage mixed with surfer vibes. They kind of sounded like Walk the Moon meets Anna Sun, but less PG, a little more edgy. Their latest single, "Matador" was the highlight of the set with its jittery drumbeat and "The Police"-styled, funky guitar.

The crowd was teeming with Brooklynites of all kinds. From flannels to pedophilic glasses to child-molester mustaches, all the notable hipster types were accounted for. Not to mention there were at least 3 people there who looked ready to attend a Gatsby mansion party: Roaring twenties to-the-chin-bob with a pop of red lipstick. I didn't know women dressed like that unless they were an action movie villain's hot accomplice, but I guess they do. There was also a man in a "Make Donald Drumph Again" cap popping balloons. I couldn't decide if I wanted to drunkenly scold him for his juvenile actions or compliment him on his A+ head-wear.

Also, side note: Gr8 move on Wild Honey Pie's part to fill the crowd with balloons. Besides the aforementioned asshole, they only added to the magical Baby's ambience. By the middle of Twin Wave's set, the crowd was playfully batting them around as if they were beach balls. It really made me feel like I was at a music festival, and who doesn't wanna be mentally transported to Cochella, amiright??

The whole set just felt super organic on Twin Wave's part—an enjoyable cacophony of blended & ambient, yet somewhat distorted, sound. Everything seemed super effortless from the swoon-worthy vocals to rushing, riveting bass. They're clearly just some guys who love making music and have actually garnered a following.

A-Trak & Phantogram - Parallel Lines

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A-Trak is not messing around y'all, this song is so intense his plaid shirt is practically tripping balls. As was I when I heard this for the first time. My enthusiasm level on a scale from: "high on Xanax" (low) to "free bagels at work" (high) was "kid from viral Youtube video opening a new Xbox." From Sarah Barthel's warbling opening notes to the pulsing synths woven throughout, "Parallel Lines" is a treat for both ravers and everyone else. I could listen to this in the shower, walking to the grocery store, around a campfire, driving my grandparents around... you get the picture. The point is it's versatile dance music. Some people might argue with me, but I think A-trak has always managed to play in the "alternative" space while remaining a full-fledged member of the EDM community. Perhaps it's through his association with indie acts. He's like the football player who shows up at Brooklyn warehouse parties because he dates the hipster art girl*** It's perhaps odd that he's there, but everyone accepts it and applauds his drinking abilities.

***which for the record, only happens in John Hughes movies. Football players date blonde girls who wear non-threatening neutrals. It's science.

Koresma - Bridges

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Honestly, I thought for a good 10 seconds that this song was Dido's "Thank You," which is probably the greatest compliment to bestow upon someone. Her song is one of the top 10 for me. I mean, it's so good that despite its Lite FM radio connotations, Eminem sampled it in a song about murdering someone ("Stan"). But we are not here to discuss Dido, I am here instead to shower compliments on Koresma's "Bridges." Every blog post I saw surrounding it mentioned the word "chill," so I would be remiss not to include it here. It is in fact, a prime slice of chilled out instrumental. There's floaty piano riffs and subdued guitar. Listening to it makes me want to curl into a comforter and listen to a rainstorm. Therefore, it only felt right to pair the song with a tranquil landscape pic that could also be a desktop background. Apple has the best desktop selections.

Terror Jr.- Sugar

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Idk where da fuq this trio came from, but I am so so glad they have arrived on the indie-music scene. Both their previous single, "3 Strikes," and "Sugar," their latest, are a breath of fresh air on the HypeM charts. I mean, seriously, if I see one more shitty remix of a K. Flay song, I'm gonna throw a Marissa-Cooper-sized tantrum (we allllll know the one I'm talking about).

With it's saccharine lead vocals, squeaky synth, and infectious finger snaps, "Sugar" is the only non-Lemonade song currently on my playlist (#theHIGHESTofpraises). It's like Kiiara but without the 1-hit-wonder stigma that our Frida-Kahlo-wannabe is slowly developing. This comes as no shock considering **PLOT TWIST** two of the three members of Terror Jr. are responsible for producing Kiiara's "Gold." Still not sold on their stage name, but I'll get over it. I actually heard this wasn't their original epithet choice. Rumor has it they were gonna name themselves after Donald Trump Jr., but then they decided "Terror Jr." was basically the same thing anyway.

*RELEASE* Fou De Toi- Only In My Head

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I'm still confused why a band from Sweden has a French stage name, but honestly there are more baffling things in the world—like WHY Sarah Jessica Parker decided to dress like a gender-confused Captain Hook at the Met Ball for one. Anyways, if Fou De Toi continues to unleash their addictive brand of indie-pop unto the world, they can go by whatever the fuck they want. "Only In My Head" is the first single off the band's forthcoming EP and it's every bit as enjoyable as last month's "Don't Know What To Do." While the verses showcase some idiosyncratic synth choices and a late-80's-styled drumbeat that has me wanting to run in slow-motion down the beach like a Baywatch lifeguard, the chorus is where this track really shines. It has that infectious, happy-go-lucky sound to it that would close out a set at a music festival beautifully. I just want to sway enthusiastically in a sun-bathed crowd to this as we collectively echo "head -ed -ed -ed -ed -ed" back to the band. How do I make this scene become my reality, I have no fucking clue, but a girl can dream.