Annabel Jones- Happy

5/10/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

With it's repetitious refrain of "tell me something happy / don't make me sad," I feel like this could be the theme song to a "Debbie Downer" feature film... something I'm totally down for by the way, NBC, git on that PRONTO. It's time for Rachel Dratch to have the Tina Fey / Amy Poehler trajectory she fucking deserves.

Back 2 AJ: "Happy" sounds like a Regina Spector song mashed-up with a Nintendo game soundtrack. And I feel like that combo could easily go horrible awry, so props to Annabel for mixing those two vastly-different-genres so seamlessly. Considering I've had Ms. Jones' previous single, "IOU," on repeat since it dropped in February, it's honestly no surprise her latest single is just as addictive. It's the epitome of "dark pop," sounding eerie yet uplifting all at once. I'm really bummed the British songstress isn't on the festival circuit this year tbh. She truly amazes us with her Siren-eqsue warblings and refreshing production choices in every song she releases.