Blair- Five Past Ten

5/12/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

There's a certain kind of song that is so high-energy and infectious that merely hearing it on record makes you want to see the band perform a whole set live. "Dance" by Rebecca & Fiona is one, and "Five Past Ten" is another. With it's 80's jiving drumbeat, melodic guitar riffs, and Killers-esque vocals, this song can only be described as electric. Not necessarily in sound, but in feeling. Also it's subject matter happens to be my favorite time of day! 10:05 is usually that time in the night where you have the perfect buzz going on—Not so close to black-out status that you start an overly-invasive conversation with your Uber driver, but drunk enough that you're feeling yourself (& your 'fit) mucho. Fuck 5 o'clock, five past ten is the real happy hour, amiriiiiight?