FYFE- Stronger

5/16/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

STAWWWP staring so aggressively into my soul, FYFE! Srsly, that is a Kendall-Jenner-level of intensity leering from those chestnut irises.

Considering his history of producing amazing, fresh covers, I was kind of hoping "Stronger" would be some down-tempo, indie retake of B.Spear's 2k00 banger. The disappointment of it not being an ode to our favorite 00's-shit-show was immediately erased, however, as this smooth, atmospheric ditty flowed through my earbuds. FYFE's flawless falsetto blows me away here, as it seems to do in every track this British-crooner releases. And those intermittent LA-LAs!—so summery, so basic, ssssso hot RN. Definitely gunna have this one on repeat for a while.