KACIA- Bonds

5/23/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

First off, 10 points to Gryffindor for those 'fits, KACIA! Srsly, you're rocking the 80's look like you're the stars of a Mick Jagger video—I dig. Plz tell me which Goodwill you found those at, because I simply don't have that Macklemore-level of luck at thrift stores that you guys clearly possess. All I ever find are overly-shapeless jean capris and baby pink Von Dutch hats... um, no thank you.

Veering back to the point of this post, this song rocks y'all! It's the quintessential pop anthem that you need in your life pronto. Beneath a sugary swirl of shimmering synth and saccharine vocals you'll find an addictive, uplifting drum pattern which really elevates the track above all the other pop-laced, female-fronted songs out there. "Bonds" sound is reminiscent of Robyn's "Body Talks," and if that statement doesn't have you clicking play, ur dead to me. Robyn is a Nordic KWEEN. Like Elsa from Frozen, but with more than just one smash hit.