Monopol - Somebody That I'll Never Be

4/30/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Monopol (which in full disclosure, looks like a typo for the #1 board game of my childhood) is the new moniker of 24 year-old producer Christoph Andersson, a man famous for his work with G-Easy. While I'm not cool enough to listen to rap, I cannot speak more effusively about his new single "Somebody That I'll Never Be." With it's cool synths and catchy chorus, Andersson is fast on his way to conquering another genre. This is a Calvin Harris remix away from the Top 40, and I'm pretty sure Phoenix is weeping they didn't come up with it. Plus, he's from NOLA! We mostly write about assholes** from NY and LA, so glad to have some geographical flavor in the mix. We await your next single Monopol.

**kind of joking but not really. People from the coasts are mean!!